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New L0627 & L0637 Lumbosacral Orthoses Available Now at CoreProducts.com

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

As always, Core Products is looking out for you! We are proud to announce some new Lumbosacral Orthoses to help provide the support needed for patients suffering from acute and chronic low back pain. People who are recovering from back surgery, strain or disc pain would find these ideal.


Core Products Multibrace LSO 637

The Multi Brace 637 – a low profile, rigid lumbosacral orthosis (LSO) – is ideal for patients suffering from acute back pain caused by trauma, surgery, strain or disc pain. It provides support from the sacrococcygeal junction to the T-9 vertebrae and features a patented pivoting design to accommodate any waist-hip differential.

With a ventilated plastic exterior, this LSO is lightweight and prevents heat buildup. Padded for comfort on the inside to help increase patient compliance. Offset mechanical advantage straps allow independent adjustment to the lumbar and sacral regions. The dual axis design provides infinite adjustability to fit all body shapes.


Core Products Stabilizer LSO 627The Stabilizer 627 - helps provide the support needed for patients suffering from acute and chronic low back pain. Ideal for patients recovering from back surgery, strain or disc pain. Rigid, yet comfortable, plastic exterior hugs waist providing support and ventilation to prevent heat build up. Moldable posterior panel with 25˚ arc provides comfortable lumbosacral support. Adjustable tension straps utilizing mechanical advantage provide consistent support with minimal effort. Patented design provides a cusom fit. Soft liners can be removed for washing.


CorFit Advantage Belt with AP PadsCorFit Advantage Belt with AP Pads - Practical and easy to wear, the CorFit® Advantage AP provides maximum support and comfort for patients suffering from low back pain or injuries. With opposing side pulls, compression adjustments can easily be made to lumbar and sacral regions independently. A removable posterior panel with 25˚ arc provides additional comfort and compression on lumbar region. Removable anterior panel offers additional abdominal support and compression.

These new orthoses can be billed to insurance and really need to be fitted by a trained professional. Contact your doctor to see if one of these orthoses is right for you.

Medical professionals, do you want to offer these orthoses in your clinic? Contact our friendly customer service department and ask how you can get Core Products in your clinic.

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