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Tips to De-Stress in the Evening

Posted on April 22, 2014 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

Relaxing in a hot bathIt’s been another incredibly long day, and you just can’t seem to shake the stress you’ve been carrying.  April is National Stress Awareness Month, and here at Core Products we want to help you enjoy your “me-time” a little bit more.  Here are 5 tips to take the stress out of your evening routine.

  1. Turn Off – Take 30-45 minutes and ban yourself from stimulating activities, including texting or working on a computer. We are so overly-stimulated on a regular basis; we need this time each night to let our bodies relax and step away from the constant “buzz”.
  2. Deep Breathing – Meditation and prayer isn’t for everyone, but try taking 10 minutes to just sit and take deep breaths. For those 10 minutes, focus just on deep breathing. Every time you find your mind going elsewhere, bring it back to your deep breaths. After 10 minutes, your body and mind should be more at ease.
  3. Hot Bath – It might seem silly, but hot baths are proven to relax your muscles. One little-known benefit to a relaxing hot bath is that it also works to raise your body temperature which helps many people fall asleep.
  4. Exercise – There is no better way to beat nighttime stress than a good work out. However, make sure your workout is at least 3 hours before you go to bed to avoid interrupting your sleep cycle.
  5. Tea – Herbal tea has been found to be very relaxing and can even help some people sleep. After a long hard day, avoid the alcohol and try a new herbal tea instead.

In addition to these helpful de-stressors, try to identify what is causing the stress in your life. Work? Your partner? Family? Money? Figure out what is creating your stress, write it down and find a plan to de-stress that aspect of your life.  If it is money, create a budget and stop lending your extra cash to friends. If it is work, you may need to get more specific and find some top managing tips so you leave the work life at your desk. For stress created by a partner or family, talk it out and open the lines of communication.

Knowing how to manage your stress is important to your health. With these tips you can take the needed time to wind down after a long day

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