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Five Jobs that are Tough on the Body

Posted on May 16, 2014 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

We spend 40 hours a week – sometimes more, way more – working. That’s almost a quarter of our lives once we reach adulthood, and that’s assuming you work the minimum 40 hour work week (we know a huge percentage of the population works more than that). Since we spend so much time at work, it’s important to consider how our jobs and work environments might affect our overall health.

Certain jobs put more stress on our bodies than others do, and that stress can come in many different forms. From back and neck pain to sore feet to sunburn and even more serious injuries, some jobs are just more hazardous than others.

While every job surely has effects on our health, here are five jobs that are toughest on our bodies:

  1. Maintenance workers and construction workers: The construction and maintenance industries boast some of the most physically grueling manual labor jobs. These industries pose arthritis risks, risk of injury, and risk of sunburn and even sun poisoning since many construction and maintenance workers are outdoors all day.
  2. Law enforcement officers and firefighters: Law enforcement officers and firefighters risk their lives on the job every day, often putting themselves in very dangerous situations that carry a high risk for injury. Police officers are on their feet all day with very few breaks. These jobs carry not only physical stress, but emotional stress as well.
  3. Nurses and orderlies: Nurses and orderlies are on their feet running around for most of the day, and often strain their backs trying to lift patients and move patients around. These jobs can be both physically and mentally exhausting, as nurses and orderlies are required to maintain professionalism while dealing with very difficult situations and providing emotional support to patients.
  4. Truck drivers: The trucking industry can put major stress on the body, as drivers have to do a lot of heavy lifting of cargo. Truckers often have poor posture and a high risk of back arthritis from sitting and slumping over at the wheel all day.
  5. Professional athletes: So many young boys and girls dream of becoming professional athletes, but their childhood dreams probably don’t include the broken bones and aching joints that come along with the job. Many professional sports also put athletes at increased risk of brain injury due to concussions sustained on the field.

Knowing the physical stressors of your occupation is important to maintaining overall health. Once you know what the downfalls are, you can take preventive measures to correct them.

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