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Back Injuries and Sex: A Few Tips for Getting Back into the Groove

Posted on August 1, 2014 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

Back Injuries and Sex: A Few Tips for Getting Back into the GrooveFor some, back injuries are completely debilitating. It doesn’t matter if it’s affecting your work or your leisure activities. Either way, your life isn’t quite the same. You can say something similar about what happens in the bedroom. Injuring your back can seriously put you and your partner’s sex life in a funk.

Having sex after a back injury can be a difficult time. The injured person may be timid, afraid of hurting it or aggravating the same injury. It might also cause pain while in the act. Sex is an integral part of any relationship and you don’t want a back injury to get in the way.

Communication is important. The best thing for you to do is be open and honest about your back pain. It’s a much better idea to discuss what’s going on than not explaining the situation of what you’re not able to have sex. This rings true for discussing back pain and sex with your doctor.

Relax and don’t rush the process. Make yourself comfortable. Pillows are a great way to assist in positions that cause back pain. Lying on one’s back causes a lot of stress. Placing a pillow under your lower back can help relieve that stress and your pain. Another option for this is to give each other massages before engaging in sex. Not only will you help relieve each other’s pain, you will loosen up the muscles around the areas causing back pain.

Another alternative is to try a different location other than bed. Many sites recommend engaging in sex on a chair for those who suffer from back pain. The goal is to relieve pressure wherever you’re experiencing pain. Trying sex in different positions can also achieve this goal.

Working on your stabilizer muscles is another great way to help relieve your pain and attempt to prevent future pain. Core exercises are extremely helpful in this regard. Yoga is another great way to strengthen and stabilize your back/abs.

If you ever experience back pain of any type please visit your doctor. The above tips are merely a guideline and not intended to replace the advice and knowledge of a medical professional.

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