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6 Pillows Types That Can Improve Your Sleep

Posted on September 15, 2014 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

Tri-Core PillowHave you been experiencing body aches and pains? If you have it may be time to examine the type of pillow you use. Pillows are commonly used under a person’s head while they are sleeping, but the following pillow types can be used under different areas of the body to improve the overall quality of a person’s sleep.

1. Neck Pillows
Neck pillows are commonly referred to as cervical or orthopedic pillows. Neck pillows are shaped to support the head and neck. Neck pillows can be helpful for people experiencing cervical spine problems or neck pain because they help to keep the neck aligned with the spine.

2. Body Pillows
Body pillows are defined by its long shape, usually as long as the body, and are favored by people who sleep on their side. People that sleep on their side utilize the body pillow to support a variety of body parts. The long shape allows a person to support their head, neck, knees and legs. The head and neck are supported by the top of the pillow and the knees and legs are supported by the bottom of the pillow; typically by placing the bottom of the pillow between the knees and the top of the pillow under the head.

3. Knee Pillows
Traditional rectangle pillows can be used as knee pillows. Positioning a pillow between the knees helps to alleviate strain on the lower back. Knee pillows can be used when sleeping on the side or back. By adding a pillow between the knees it keeps the legs from rotating, which keeps the spine in a neutral pain-free position.

4. Donut Pillows
Donut pillows are named after its circular donut-shape with center cut out. Donut pillows are used to prevent pressure on the tailbone or lower extremities. People usually sit on donut pillows by placing the donut on the seat of a person’s chair. Donut pillows can also be used while sleeping to ease pain and tension away from a bruised or broken body part.

5. Lower Back Pillows
Lower back pillows are used to support the inward curve of a person’s spine and help to prevent muscle tension. Traditional pillows can also be used as lower back pillows because they help to fill the natural gap between the lower spine and the surface of a bed or chair.

6. Travel Pillows
Travel pillows are “U” shaped pillows that fit around the neck to support the head of a person in a seated position. Travel pillows are used to prevent the neck from bending into uncomfortable positions and help to support the weight of a person’s head. Travel pillows should be used when a person is sleeping in an upright position.

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