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Travel in Comfort This Holiday Season

Posted on October 24, 2014 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

The holiday season is right around the corner – before you know it, you’ll be packing into a family car and driving a few hours (or more!) to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner or a Christmas get-together with family and friends. According to the United States Department of Transportation, the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s holiday periods are among the busiest long-distance travel holidays of the year – so if you’re flying or taking a road trip, you’re not alone.

If you’re traveling by plane, unfortunately, unless you are flying first class, your seat on the airplane probably won’t be the most comfortable resting place in the world. In fact, you might not even be able to recline, depending on the airline you are flying and the attitude of the person sitting behind you. Those of you who are among the 5 to 6 percent of holiday travelers making your voyage in the air will benefit greatly from the right neck pillow and a blanket to help get comfortable.

But if you’re like 91 percent of American long-distance holiday travelers, you’ll most likely be traveling by automobile. Around 44 percent of personal vehicle trips are between 50 and 99 miles, while 56 percent are at least 100 miles – in fact, the average Thanksgiving long-distance trip is 214 miles, while the average Christmas or New Year’s trip is an astounding 275 miles! Sitting in a car for that long can be uncomfortable, to say the least, and even more so for someone who suffers from back, neck or joint pain.

To minimize your pain and discomfort during long-distance road trips this holiday season, be sure to make frequent rest stops to stretch and massage your joints. Use the Core Products Automotive Lumbar Support Bucket Seat to provide much needed support and comfort for your lower back. This support is perfect for holiday travel or for everyday car rides if you commute to and from work. The Bucket Seat Sitback Rest Lumbar Support is designed with side wings to fit snugly inside a car’s bucket style seat, fitting most standard models. The contour-cut foam and side wing supports contour to your body for medium-to-firm support, keeping you in the correct position.

Passengers in your car will benefit from an adjustable travel roll that can be used to increase comfort and low back or neck support when sitting in the car. The Core Product Adjustable Travel Roll can also be used if you are staying overnight on a holiday trip, under the ankles when lying down, or with a standard bed pillow to ensure proper neck support. Not only does this product have multiple uses, it’s also inflatable and can easily be stored rolled up in your suitcase or glove compartment.

Find more tips on how to travel in comfort at http://www.coreproducts.com/blog/2014/03/31/planes-trains-automobiles-catching-zs-while-travelling/.

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