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Staying Hydrated this Winter

Posted on December 28, 2014 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

It seems, for the most part, we’re all well aware the importance of staying hydrated. In the summer, it’s easy. Most people are so hot they carry around cool drinks throughout the day.

Well, winter isn’t coming – it’s already here. Make sure staying hydrated isn’t an afterthought.

Hydration needs do not change with the seasons. Humans still need about the same amount of water as they do any other time of year. For those who find themselves exercising in winter, water is still just as important as it was in the summer. Our body loses water the same ways it did a few months ago. Winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, etc.) are as strenuous as summer activities.

Getting into the habit of regularly drinking water all day can also help the immune system. To fight illnesses our bodies create mucous which requires ample water to make. Mind the warning signs for dehydration and be sure to drink some fluids if you’re thirsty. Urine should be pale yellow to almost clear but some foods may impact the color.

A few tips for staying hydrated in winter:

-        Drink water: This is a no-brainer. Try to drink at least a glass with each meal. That should help ensure you’re getting the right amount each day.

-        Limit caffeine: A tried and true method all year-round. Limiting the amount of caffeine drinks will help retain water.

-        Eat your liquids: Soup will not only help to hydrate you but also warm you up after coming in from the cold.

-        Eat salty foods: Along with eating liquids, salty dishes help your body retain water.

-        Short showers: Help keep your skin from drying out by avoiding long, hot showers.

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