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Advances in Paralysis Treatment

Posted on February 27, 2015 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

Earlier this year French scientists successfully tested an implant that allowed paralyzed rats to walk again. The hope is that this technology will eventually allow paralyzed humans to walk once more.

The device is a thin ribbon containing electrodes that is planted directly on the spinal cord. The device, named e-Dura, delivers electric impulses enabling the rats to walk. It mimics the tissue near the spine so bodies won’t reject the ribbon and is soft enough that it doesn’t rub against the surface causing irritations like inflammation or scar tissue.

The spinal implant is made of silicon and gold conductors allowing it to stretch and bend with the spine as it moves. As of right now it has been primarily used in rats for spinal cord injuries but some believe it could also

This announcement follows last year’s news of a paralyzed man moving his hand after receiving a chip implanted on his brain. In that experiment the man was able to move his hand using only his thoughts and electrodes wrapped around his arm.

Both of these technological breakthroughs are extremely promising for the future of spinal cord injury treatments. We’re excited for the future of this technology and what it means for the medical care industry.

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