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Office Chair Back Support

Posted on May 13, 2015 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

Does your job require a lot of sitting? If you end up with back pain from sitting all day or you suffer from a chronic spinal condition there are options available to make your day easier.

Lumbar back rests and cushions are an excellent way to give your back the proper support it needs while chained to a desk. There are many different styles and sizes to fit your unique back support needs.

There are smaller cushions you can take anywhere like the Luniform Lumbar Cushion. Cushions like this one are mobile, they can go almost anywhere, and are easy to adjust to any chair or person’s height. It also includes a belt to secure it in place once the desired height is found.

Other options include larger cushions focused on higher or lower lumbar support. The Hibak Lumbar Support for Office Chair is exactly for what the name suggests. It’s a comfortable foam support for both your upper and lower back. The Lobak Rest Back Cushion is an economical back cushion that promotes proper lower back positioning. Its precision cut foam flattens at the bottom providing base stability and coccyx support.

If your office consists of the driver’s seat of your car, there’s a lumbar support bucket seat made specifically for you. It fits snugly into a car’s bucket-style seat providing maximum comfort and support for those long commutes or even a quick trip to the store.

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