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Ideal Ankle Supports Part 2

Posted on June 15, 2015 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

In previous posts we covered how to determine the proper fit of an ankle support and reviewed a couple specific styles here at Core Products. In this post we will feature another set of ankle braces you can use to treat injuries or as injury prevention.

One of the most important things with any therapeutic product is a proper or even custom fit. If you’re looking for a custom fit ankle support, look no further than the PowerWrap Ankle Brace. This support features Core Products’ exclusive Positive Tensioning System to give the wearer a custom fit every time without needing to tie laces. Just hook and loop tabs with laces to hold the brace in place.

It’s easier and more cost effective than stability taping. Spiral stays help stabilize the ankle and control abnormal eversion and inversion of the ankle. This ankle support is great for sports, at home, or any time you need a little extra support.

Looking for moderate support to help with chronic instabilities? The Lightweight Elastic Ankle Support is a low-profile brace that fits comfortably in street or dress shoes to help control ankle swelling. Its ventilated elastic construction allows air to circulate and provides a cool, comfortable fit. A lace-up front and spiral stays offer support for weak ankles and help to prevent re-injury.

This ankle support is more cost effective for long-term use and much faster than taping. This makes it an ideal candidate for use during or after sports/high activity.

Our Deluxe Ankle Support with Support Stays is an outstanding ankle brace for injured ankles that can also be used to prevent injury. Its patented lacing system features offset eyelets and vinyl side supports to help protect the ankle from pesky eversion and inversion injuries. The brace’s lacing system along with its removable stays helps to stabilize weak ankles.

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