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What is Gate Control Theory?

Posted on July 13, 2015 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

Pain is physical suffering. It’s discomfort caused by an illness or an injury.

We offer a lot of therapeutic products developed with making patient’s lives more comfortable. Part of that mission is aiding in pain management.

Whether it’s a compression brace, hot and cold packs, a better sleeping pillow, or something like the WiTouch system – we’re in the business of making people feel better.

When it comes time to dealing with pain, one of our best examples is, in fact, the WiTouch Wireless TENS Unit. It is specifically designed to suppress the transmission of nerve pain which is also known as Gate Control Theory.

Medical theories can be somewhat complicated but the general theory works like this: pain signals originate in nerves near an injury and flow to the spinal cord and then up to our brains. In Gate Control Theory these pain messages encounter gates that are either open or closed depending on a variety of reasons.

When they’re open, we experience pain. When they’re closed, the sensation of pain is suppressed. For instance, if we bump our knee and start rubbing the area the pain might seem to go away. Or, the same idea occurs if we’re dealing with runner’s knee and we put on a brace to compress the knee area.

Massage, hot or cold packs, and a few other therapies including electrical impulses can treat the nerve endings that detect pain in our backs. The WiTouch suppresses the transmission of pain through electrical stimulation of the nerves along the spine. This device was specifically designed with Gate Control Theory in mind as well as the Opiate Release Theory.

As always, if you’re experiencing any kind of acute or chronic pain please visit your doctor.

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