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Strengthen Your Core

Posted on August 30, 2015 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

We know how imperative it is to work your core (it is in our name, after all).

Core strength is an important aspect of being both healthy and fit. Our core muscles hold everything together and keep everything working in sync. It’s not just about washboard abs (although, that can be a nice perk).

While your core includes those glamourous abdominal muscles and obliques it also includes your lower back and hips. All movement originates from all of these muscles. Running, walking, lifting your coffee mug – it all starts from your core.

While looking good is a wonderful bonus, working your core is a fantastic and important way to take care of the body as you age. A stronger core increases a person’s stability and balance and also helps other muscles groups like hamstrings, glutes and pectorals.

If you deal with any spinal issues or regular back pain focusing more on your core should be strongly considered. Focusing on this group of muscles will improve one’s posture while seated and standing as well.

While it’s important to work your core by strengthening your abdominal muscles, don’t limit yourself to just simple crunches. Try using an exercise ball to introduce a little instability in your routine. Yoga and/or Pilates are both excellent options for increase whole-body strength and flexibility. Three other exercises to implement include: planks, Supermans, and bridges.

Another way to support the core muscles is by wearing a brace or splint. Core Products offers a number of back support belts and braces to assist you with back pain and helping to strengthen those core muscles.

Another option to use in conjunction with back strengthening and abdominal exercises include back-specific pillows, rolls, and cushions. Check out the wide range of back pillows here: http://www.coreproducts.com/shop-by-product-type/back-rests-rolls-cushions.html.

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