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Causes and Cures for Neck Pain

Posted on December 18, 2015 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

There are many reasons you may be experiencing neck pain. And let’s just say…it’s a pain! Whether you spent too long in an awkward position, slept with the wrong pillow or carried something too heavy you may not be able to turn your head to the side? You have to move your whole body like a robot to turn around. It not only looks a bit strange, but it hurts!

So what can you do prevent waking up in the robot state? First, there are preventative measures you can take. Posture is always the key to an aligned neck and spine. Whether you are sitting at a desk for hours or on your feet all day, make sure you sit and stand in the right position to keep everything aligned. You should always have both feet flat on the floor and sit up straight with your shoulders back. Try to get the habit of thinking of a rope pulling you up from the top of your head.

A good pillow is a MUST. Most neck pain comes after sleeping for hours in an awkward position or with a pillow that is too firm. Here at Core Products we offer a variety of pillows to fit anyone’s unique form. Whether it’s a cervical pillow or memory foam, choosing the right option for you will prevent unnecessary pain upon awaking.

When you wake up with neck pain or strain your neck, you’ll likely want a quick remedy to help you get through the day. Cold packs are one good option. The cold helps reduce swelling and allows the muscle to heal. Heat may also work. Heat helps bring the blood flow to the area affected. Moist heat like a hot bath or shower may also help alleviate pain.

If the natural remedies aren’t working, you may want to consider an over-the -counter pain medication such as ibuprofen which helps by reducing inflammation.

A massage is another great way to relieve the pain. While it may be painful to get the massage, the outcome might be just what you need. Massage stimulates blood flow to area and also loosens the muscles to help heal.

There is no need to live with chronic neck pain. If you notice you are frequently waking up with a stiff or sore neck, it’s time to look into the right pillow to bring you comfort during the night.

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