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Retail Tips for Massage Therapists

Posted on January 19, 2017 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

By Brian Acton

retail-tips-for-massage-therapistsMost massage therapists didn’t get into their career to become salespeople: they were simply following their passion for massage. As a result, massage therapists sometimes lack the necessary experience or feel morally conflicted when it comes to selling retail products at their practice.

But selling products to your clients doesn't need to be difficult or shady. You can actually help your clients by connecting them with products they love and increase the profitability of your practice in the process. If you’re wondering how to get started, here are a few tips for achieving retail success at your massage practice.

Stock the Right Products

First things first, you need to stock the right products. Stick to products that you believe in - products you’ve used and can testify to their quality.

If you’re just starting out, start simple with a small range of brands or product types. Products could include massage oils, exfoliating treatments, salt or sugar scrubs, and other related items. If your clients share common problems, you should offer real solutions. For instance, if your clients frequently suffer from sprains or headaches, you could stock CorPak hot and cold therapy packs.

Passively Sell Your Products

You can start marketing your retail products without having to give a long sales pitch. If you use the products you sell on your clients, you can describe the product and its benefits as you use it during treatment. In this way, you can demonstrate a product’s value firsthand. Your client’s visit is also an ideal time to talk about their pain points, muscle tension and other issues and gently explain the benefits that a product can bestow.

You can even offer free samples!

Create an Attractive Display

If you’re limited to displaying your wares in the massage room, it may be helpful to keep the display small and simple – displaying just one of each item you sell.

Ideally, you can keep your retail display in a waiting room or entrance. If you have a space like this, you can think a bit bigger use professional shelving, lighting and even scents to create an attractive aura around your products.

Charge the Right Amount

If your prices are too low, you might not make enough profit. If your prices are too high, your clients may not bite. Try to find a happy medium – it may take some adjusting. Buying wholesale from suppliers will help you keep your list price down. If you’re truly at a loss, keystone pricing - charging double what you paid for the product - is a good rule of thumb.

Expand Your Offerings Naturally

Lastly, you should expand your product offerings as you grow. Don’t buy an entire storage unit full of products before you’ve sold one. Instead, reorder products as they sell, and expand your product offerings based on what’s popular and what your clients are asking for. This way, you won’t end up with a bunch of unwanted inventory on your hands.

In Closing

If you sell products you believe in that meet your client’s needs, you can naturally expand into retail without becoming a pushy salesman. Plus, you can help your clients solve problems, diversify the revenue sources for your business, and become a better entrepreneur. Happy selling!

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