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Core Products Blog

  • Have you ever wondered what is a cervical pillow?

    Posted on February 17, 2013 by Core Products

    Cervical Pillow Uses

    Natural placement of the head and neck, accomplished with the many different styles and shapes of Core cervical pillows, can help relieve intense pain by providing natural and correct posturing in supine (back) and side-sleeping positions.

    Cervical support pillows are used when a cervical hypolordosis (less than normal curvature of the spine) exists, to prevent hypolordosis, or when cervical spasms or strains occur.  These pillows are orthotic devices (apparatus used to align or support) used to help relieve spasms, remove minor tensions and maintain or resume the natural cervical lordotic curve while at rest.

    By providing proper neck support, cervical pillows can help with:

    • Neck muscle and joint strains and sprains
    • Tension headaches
    • Whiplash injuries
    • Arthritis
    • Morning hand stiffness and swelling
    • Temporomandibular disorders
    • Stiffness
    • Snoring  (in some cases)

    Therapeutic Types Of Pillows:

    1.   Accommodate/Displacement Pillows:  Helps relieve pain or discomfort by conforming to and stabilizing an existing condition. Relieves pain or discomfort by conforming to and stabilizing a new or existing injury or condition. Provides comfort, but does little to correct the condition. Typically for short-term use.  When a neck injury or condition isacute (serious or to an intense degree, like whiplash or a significant sprain or strain), the healthcare provider’s goal is to relieve a patient's pain and discomfort before beginning treatment. What's needed is to stabilize and accommodate the condition before moving forward. The same is true for other neck injuries or at the onset of many common problems which affect the head and neck.  Accommodation/Displacement pillows work well at this stage because they conform to the condition and provide immediate comfort.

    Examples:  Core Deluxe Water Pillow; Core Memory Foam Pillow

    2.  Orthopedic Support Pillows:  Support pillows are designed to help a. correct  and  b. maintain  proper cervical posture/alignment while sleeping by providing the right amount of resistive feedback into the cervical & upper thoracic musculature.

    Special Note: Support type pillows are orthotic devices (like a custom orthotic in your shoe) and therefore may take time to get accustomed to.  Healthcare providers should give patients proper education regarding the time needed for training the musculature in accepting the pillow.  Although some people can react positively to this type of pillow immediately, others may take up to 2 weeks of gradual increased use through the night.  Patient should use pillow to waking tolerance and then switch to previous pillow for the rest of the night.  Each successive night, patient should increase time support pillow is used through the night.

    Examples:  Tri-Core Standard; Tri-Core Gentle; Double Core & Double Core Select Pillows

    A.  Correct:  Helps eliminate symptoms by treating the cause of the condition.  Helps correct the cause of pain, supports treatment to regain proper function. At this stage, orthopedic pillows are often prescribed to assist in correcting the diagnosed condition and to help the patient regain proper function. Allows tissue to heal functionally. Prepares for the maintenance stage. Corrective pillows can help alleviate headaches; neck muscle and joint strains, arthritis and whiplash discomfort and help restore proper nerve function. Supportive pillows are used in this stage of care.

    B.  Maintain:  Ensures continued good health by helping sustain the body in its proper, natural posture.  Complements care to help prevent recurrence/progression. Pillows selected for the Maintain Stage should ensure continued good health by providing proper positioning and helping preserve the natural curvature of the neck and spine. For ideal maintenance, the pillow should provide maximum support and comfort. In fact, most people discover that once the normal curvature of the neck is restored, they crave the comfort of maximum support - the reason supportive pillows have grown more popular. Supportive pillows are used in this stage of care.

    3.  Combination Pillows: Combination pillows have a quality or an adjustability that allows the healthcare provider and the user to use the pillow though treatment.  The pillow has properties that give an accommodative/displacement function and a supportive function.

    Examples: Cervalign; Core Deluxe Water Pillow; Core Memory Plus;


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  • Core Products has a Back Support Belt for Everyone

    Posted on February 15, 2013 by Core Products

    Did you just have surgery? Is you lower back causing you pain and limiting the amount of activity you get each day? If you answered Yes to either one if these questions, a Lumbar Support Belt may help.

    The CorFit® Belt System is the best-designed back support belt on the market. That’s no exaggeration but simply a truism based on the high quality of its durable components and construction, coupled with careful attention to fit and comfort. Just ask anyone who’s seen or worn the CorFit for relief of lower back pain. Our patented fitting system allows us to create back support belts proportionally sized in height and length, with taller belts for larger people and smaller belts for petites and children. It’s the belt that fits everyone and provides comfort, compression, flexibility and stability.

    Click here to learn more about the Corfit Back Support Belt.

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  • Happy Valentine's Day From Core Products

    Posted on February 11, 2013 by Core Products

    At Core Products, we care about you! Making YOUR life more comfortable is our motto and our products are designed to do just that. We can help relieve aches and pains with our braces and supports, help relieve neck soreness with our orthopedic pillows, relieve lower back pain with our WITouch TENS unit, and offer you massage tools to pamper your sweetheart.

    As a celebration of Valentine's day, we would like to offer you 20% Off, instantly, when you shop with us online. If your order is $90+ we'll even ship it free! This offer ends Thursday night so hurry and place your order now!

    Happy Valentines Day from Core Products

    *20% Off Promo excludes WiTouch, and applies to retail customers only. Free shipping to lower 48 US States. Offer Ends 2/14/13.

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  • We've made some great new videos just for you!

    Posted on February 7, 2013 by Core Products

    In partnership with MassageNerd.com Productions, Core Products has developed some great new videos showcasing the use of several of our new products, including the WiTouch Wireless TENS unit and Thermal Core Moist Heat Therapy System.

    You can also watch Dr. Kari Jeske try the WiTouch TENS for Low Back Pain for the first time. She gives her initial reactions and then comes back to offer tips on removal, and her thoughts on the unit after a full treatment session.

    Also included are many videos describing our free display kits that are offered with case quantity purchases. Let Us Do The Selling For You!

    Last but certainly not least, we've put together some great informational videos on how our products help to reduce pain and also help to make your life more comfortable.

    Sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn, the feature begins now!

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  • Core Products International Celebrates National Sleep Comfort Month

    Posted on November 28, 2012 by Core Products

    Core Products International is helping Americans sleep easier this season by offering a cervical support pillow at a 10% discount plus free shipping in celebration of National Sleep Comfort Month.

    According to Core Products International, the importance of sleep has been ignored for a long time and now it is getting the attention it deserves. The quality and quantity of sleep can determine how well we function during the day, and maybe even determine chances of stroke, heart attack, and how long we live. Core Products International realizes the importance of a good night’s sleep and is offering a 10% discount on one of their most popular cervical support pillows, the D-Core, in honor of National Sleep Comfort Month.

    “Our lives are filled with distractions, worries and responsibilities that can take us miles away from the task at hand—getting restful sleep,” says Philip Mattison of Core Products International. “Attention to sleep quality and quantity has the potential to help a lot of people. In fact, much of the time being over-concerned about sleep is the cause of the sleep problem itself.”

    A survey conducted by the American Cancer Society concluded that people who sleep 6 hours or less per night, or who sleep 9 hours or more, had a death rate 30 percent higher than those who regularly slept 7 to 8 hours. Even those who slept 6 hours or less who otherwise had no health problems had death rates 1.8 times higher than those who slept "normal" hours.

    “When we sleep our body repairs itself on a cellular level. It lends attention to sustaining us in a way that ordinarily is not possible during waking hours,” says Philip.

    Both Chiropractors and customers are raving about the pillows offered at Core Products International, Inc. The wide range of other products available includes support belts, hot and cold packs, electro therapy, back rests, rolls, cushions and so much more. The products provide sleep comfort and pain relief for anyone suffering neck, back, ankle, knee, elbow or wrist pain.

    To take advantage of the discount available on the D-Core Pillow, visit http://www.coreproducts.com/d-core-orthopedic-pillow.html enter code SleepWell at checkout for 10% off retail pricing and free shipping for National Sleep Month, expires December 2, 2012.

    About Core Products International

    Founded in 1989, with the vision of making people’s lives more comfortable, Core Products International is an American innovator, manufacturer and distributor of professional quality health care products. Core markets and sells its products within the USA and internationally mainly to the professional health care markets. Core manufactures and assembles its products in Osceola and Chetek Wisconsin and is proud to employ American workers. Core’s product line includes orthopedic pillows, orthopedic supports and braces, hot and cold therapy products, electric and therapeutic massage products, and electrotherapy devices. For more information, please visit http://www.coreproducts.com.

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  • DC Products Review 2013 Chiro Buyers Guide

    Posted on November 13, 2012 by Core Products

    The November issue of DC Products Review is out and features the 2013 Buyers Guide. Don't miss the WiTouch on page 108.

    Learn More about the WiTouch Wireless TENS here


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  • How-to Operate the WiTouch Wireless TENS

    Posted on September 12, 2012 by Core Products

    OPERATE your Hollywog WiTouch Wireless TENS

    1. Remove the green protective liners from both gel pads on the device by slowly peeling the liner from one inside corner towards the outside corner of the electrode area. DO NOT discard the protective liners as the protective liners will be reapplied to the gel pads for storage after use. Take care to not touch or allow objects to come in contact with the gel pad as this may interfere with the adhesion properties of the gel pad.

    How-to Use the WiTouch Step 1

    2. Place the device on your back over the area of back pain, aligning the center of the device over the spine. Make sure the gel pads make good contact with the skin. DO NOT apply the gel pads/electrodes directly over the spine. If the area of back pain cannot be accessed, request assistance from another person for application.

    How-To apply the WiTouch Wireless TENS Step 2

    3. On the Hollywog WiTouch remote control, press the power button to activate the remote. Press the START/STOP TREATMENT button momentarily. The LED will blink green one (1) time. The Hollywog WiTouch electrical stimulation treatment has now started. On the WiTouch device, the LED will now begin blinking green very rapidly for the duration of the treatment.

    WiTouch Remote Operation

    4. Press the INCREASE INTENSITY (+) button to increase the stimulation to a comfortable level. To decrease the stimulation intensity anytime during treatment, press the DECREASE INTENTISY (-) button.

    WiTouch TENS How-to Operate Part 4

    5. Treatment will automatically stop after 30 minutes. Treatment can be stopped at any time by pressing the START/STOP TREATMENT button on the remote control. DO NOT remove the device until treatment has stopped.


    6. Care should be taken to not inadvertently depress the ON/OFF button on the device when being worn. If the ON/OFF button is depressed during use, the treatment will stop. To restart treatment, press and hold the ON/OFF button for 1 second, then initiate the treatment with the remote control. The 30 minute treatment will start over from the beginning.


    7. The Hollywog WiTouch device can be left in position without removal for multiple treatments during the day. To initiate additional treatments, repeat step 3 above when treatment is desired. NOTE: It is recommended to wait a minimum of 30 minutes between treatments.


    8. The Hollywog WiTouch device will automatically turn off after two (2) hours of inactivity. To turn on the device, press and hold the ON/OFF button on the WiTouch device for one (1) second. The LED will begin blinking green once every two (2 seconds). On the Hollywog WiTouch remote control, press the START/STOP TREATMENT button momentarily. The LED will blink green one (1) time. The Hollywog WiTouch electrical stimulation treatment has now started. On the WiTouch device, the LED will now begin blinking green very rapidly for the duration of the treatment..

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  • WiTouch Frequently Asked Questions

    Posted on August 31, 2012 by Core Products

    The WiTouch and WiTouch Pro are the first of their kind, wireless remote controlled pain relief devices utilizing TENS technology to specifically target back pain.

    This is a very exciting new technology and many TENS users have expressed excitement around the release of the product. The WiTouch is a truly wearable device that can be hidden under a wide variety of clothing and can be worn throughout the day for repeated treatments if necessary. It is designed to treat low back pain!

    We've had a lot of questions about the WITouch lately and have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions. You can access that list here or download the pdf version here.

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  • Hollywog Receives Two FDA 510(K) Clearances for Remote Controlled Back Pain Devices

    Posted on August 22, 2012 by Core Products

    Hollywog WiTouch Wireless TENS

    Chattanooga, TN, August 22, 2012: Hollywog®, a worldwide provider to the medical device industry, announced that it has received two 510(k) clearances to market its new WiTouch and WiTouch Pro wireless remote controlled devices for back pain from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Hollywog WiTouch devices are the first wireless remote controlled pain relief device incorporating TENS technology to specifically target back pain. The WiTouch is cleared for over-the-counter, and the WiTouch Pro is cleared for prescription use.

    “WiTouch is the first fresh new design in an electrical stimulation device for back pain in decades,” said Chuck Thomas, President of Hollywog. “Patients and healthcare professionals demand high quality and innovation from the medical device industry. WiTouch is evidence of Hollywog’s mission to evolve standard medical devices to a new height and fulfill the customers’ desire for unique creative features, high quality and functionality. It is exciting to finalize our FDA clearance and prepare for immediate launch into the US market, as well as our international distribution networks throughout the world. I am proud that Hollywog is able to produce both devices here in Chattanooga, TN.”

    The exclusive provider of WiTouch and WiTouch Pro in the USA is Core Products. Founded in 1988, Core Products is a leading manufacturer and provider of therapeutic products to the medical industry. “Our common philosophies of providing superior customer service, high quality, creative innovation and making life more comfortable, make our companies a perfect match,” adds Mr. Thomas. “Core Products’ irrefutable reputation and vast distribution network will make Hollywog WiTouch and other Hollywog products successful in the USA.”

    Hollywog sells direct to all markets outside the USA through an exclusive worldwide medical distribution network.

    Pre-Order your Hollywog WiTouch TENs today!

    To pre-order for delivery in September 2012, order online HERE or call our customer service department toll free at 1-800-365-3047 Or International at 1-715-294-2050.

    About Hollywog

    Hollywog is a medical device company that manufactures markets and distributes premium and innovative products to the rapidly growing physical therapy and therapeutic rehabilitation segments of the health care industry. Our company’s mission is to evolve standard medical devices to a new height, fulfilling the customer’s desire for unique creative features and technology, high quality and exceptional customer service. Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, Hollywog has global relationships with distribution companies and suppliers established in over 20 countries. Our executive management team has over 70 years of industry-specific experience, with extensive worldwide contacts in distribution, sourcing, product development and regulatory compliance. Hollywog is committed to bringing change to the industry with superior customer service, high quality and creative innovation. To learn more about Hollywog, visit our website www.hollywog.com

    For more information contact:

    Core Products International, Inc.
    808 Prospect Ave
    Osceola, WI 54020

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  • It's Important to Maintain Proper Posture While Traveling

    Posted on August 9, 2012 by Core Products

    According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the majority of low back pain reported in the United States, occurs within the lower five lumbar regions. The most pain falls within the fourth and fifth lumbars, adjacent to the sacrum. The last movable joint along the spine, the lumbosacral joint, where the fifth lumbar connects to the sacrum, bears greater weight and stress, therefore has greater risk of strain or injury.

    Poor posture, fatigue and exhaustion are common causes of low-back pain. As such, one of the more common complaints of travelers is an aching back. Why? Because travelers sit for prolonged periods of time, they haul heavy objects like luggage and children through airports and hotels, and sleep in strange beds with unfamiliar pillows.

    Wether you are traveling or at a desk, prolonged sitting will fatigue the back muscles. Eventually one slips into a poor posture. The solution is to sit straight and use a lumbar cushion that will support your lower back. These cushions can be very effective in promoting proper posture in any chair while providing support and comfort for your lower back.

    With many different body shapes, many different styles of back support cushions are available. While foam comfort supports are common, others use fiber, rigid plastic or air bladders. At the heart of each of our foam back cushions is a precision cut foam core manufactured with the highest quality, long-lasting foam. Stepping up form basic models are deluxe versions that can include a higher grade fabric and positioning belts.

    For more information on Back Support Cushions, click here.

    For more information on Back Support Belts, click here.

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