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Massage Techniques

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Sports Massage

Most trainers use sports massage to warm up or cool down in conjunction with a workout or sports event.

Stroke - Moderate pressure usually with vigorous motion, back and forth or circular.

Swedish Massage

Known as "Traditional" massage.

Stroke - Light pressure with long gliding strokes on the skin adding in circular kneading and shaking motions.

Deep Tissue - Stroke

Using deep compression and friction along the grain of the muscle. Never use over boney structures, such as directly on the spinal column.

Pressure Point/Trigger Point Therapy

Pressure applied to individual muscles or muscle knots.

Stroke - Hold direct pressure on knot for 3-10 seconds.


A massage technique used for the hands and feet.

Stroke - Using a back and forth or static pressure use the tool on the base of the foot and the palm of the hand.