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Core Pain Remedy Plus Wireless TENS

SKU: ELT-2701

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The Core® Pain Remedy™ Plus TENS system offers a convenient wireless design that can be used to relieve pain almost anywhere on the body

  • Wireless Technology

    The Core® Pain Remedy™ Plus TENS system offers two models featuring a convenient wireless design that can be used almost anywhere on the body. The rechargeable receivers, in combination with snap style electrodes, send electrical impulses to stimulate the nerves and block pain signals. FDA cleared for over the counter sales.

    Indications for Use

    Temporary relief of pain associated with sore or aching muscles of the back, arms, or legs, due to strain from exercise or normal household and work activities.

    Rechargeable Batteries

    The Core® Pain Remedy™ and Core® Pain Remedy™ Plus use rechargeable lithium batteries saving you from the hassle and expense of finding AAA batteries when you are in pain. Simply use the charging kit included with each device to recharge the batteries when needed.


    Reusable, long-lasting snap electrodes are included with each unit. Replacement electrodes are available for purchase. Select from a 4-pack of 2” x 2” round electrodes or 1-pack of the 3”x5” body electrode.

    Use the “tips for skin care” portion of the owners manual to get the most life out of your electrodes

    Downloadable Information

    Product Information Sheet
    Owner's Manual

    Additional Information

    SKU ELT-2701

    Pain Remedy Plus: #ELT-2701
    Receiver Dimensions: 2.25” x .5”
    Remote Dimensions: 3.5” x 2.2” x .4”
    Power supply:DC 3.7V Lithium
    Waveform:Asymmetric biphasic pulseIntensity:0-80 mA @ 500
    Pulse Width: 100μS
    Frequency: 1- 60 Hz
    Mode 1: 53 Hz
    Mode 3: 1.3 Hz
    Mode 2: 5.8 Hz
    Mode 4: 1- 60 Hz
    Pulse Amplitude (V): 0-48.5
    Mode 1: 0 - 3 7. 9 V
    Mode 3: 0-48.5V
    Mode 2: 0-46.8V
    Mode 4: 0 - 41.1V
    Timer: Continuous for 45mins duration period; unit automatically shuts off at completion
    Case Weight: 27 lbs
    Case Dimensions: 24”x14”x14”
    Case Quanity:36pcs
    Product Weight:2.3 oz.

  • Customer Reviews


    Inefficient unit

    Doesn't hold charge & takes far too long to recharge

    Posted on 9/13/17

    While this unit is very handy since it is cordless, it lacks in usefulness from corded Tens machines. First, the unit only holds a charge for up to four hours of use. It doesn't even get me through the work day. Second, it takes 3 hours to charge each part of the product (two sensors and the controller). That amounts to 9 hours of charging time because they only give you one cord to charge and it plugs into each part separately! It takes longer to charge than what it allows one to use! Why not a charging base for all three parts at once? My corded unit can be used for several days on one charge, has 15 setting with endorphine release for pain (whereas this only has 4 settings and no endorphine release) and it takes perhaps an hour to charge the batteries for the whole unit. I called and asked if I can purchase two separate cords to speed up the charging time ... and they said no! Really? So now I'm concerned about what happens if the charging cord is damaged or lost. If I cannot purchase one, does that mean the whole unit is garbage? While it is handy to be cordless, I suggest you invest in a corded one. This is a waste of money for someone who will require it beyond a few hours and beyond just one or two days at a time.



    gel pads do not last long enough for the price you pay

    Posted on 3/29/17

    Ridiculous!! This procuct cost $85 and only has 5 to 6 uses because the sticky pads are only designed for that many uses.
    Sad! Because the unit works great and greatly reduced my pain.

    Other products that are wired the sticky last for may uses (100) so I don't understand why they can't improve the gel to last longer for sticking. The wire or wireless has nothing to do with the sticky gel pad!



    Unsatisfactory Charging Kit

    Posted on 3/19/17

    This unit really does work, BUT IT SHOULD come with a CHARGING KIT that CHARGES the REMOTE CONTROL and the 2 RECEIVERS ALL AT ONCE, instead of having to plug in each item one at a time to recharge them. I would never have ordered this device if I had known this was the case. On the box, it states "Dual Channel Treats 2 Areas Simultaneously", which it does. But, if you need more than the one charge worth of treatment, you have to recharge all 3 things separately to use them again. And, in doing so, you really aren't treating 2 areas simultaneously; because the 1st area you are retreating stops shortly after reapplying the 2nd area.

    The units description also states "Pain Remedy and Pain Remedy Plus use rechargeable lithium batteries saving you from the hassle and expense of finding AAA batteries when you are in pain. Simply use the charging kit included with each device to recharge the batteries when needed." It should state: "recharge the batteries separately when needed".

    I would have ordered a connected device at a better price had I know I couldn't charge the devices all at once.

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