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Wrist and Thumb Splint

Helps protect wrist and thumb following injury. Helps decrease pain and inflammation from tendinitis

Part# 6825

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Wrist and Thumb Splint
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Wrist Splint with Thumb Spica bottom Wrist Splint with Thumb Spica top

Wrist & Thumb Splint

Helps immobilize wrist and thumb following injury or surgery and helps decrease pain and inflammation caused by tendinitis or arthritis. Cotton/polyester construction with soft, cotton liner. Two metal stays help hold thumb in a neutral position. Removable, aluminum palmar spoon holds wrist in a cock-up position. S, M, L or XL; specify right or left.


  • Small 5½” - 6½”
  • Medium 6½” - 7½”
  • Large 7½” - 8½”
  • X-Large 8½” - 9½”

Item Description

WST6825 Wrist & Thumb Splint


  • Dequervain’s Tendonitis; Trauma; Other.

Wrist  Supports Benefit Options

  • Helps protect wrist and thumb following injury through immobilization.
  • Swelling  reduction
  • Retain proprioception (sensory perception of area)
  • Retain strength
  • Limits abnormal motion but allows appropriate & necessary motion.

Fitting Landmarks

  • Forearm
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Upper arm


  • Snug Fit Measurement:  Devices are sized at a compressed fit.
    • Measuring loose vs. skin tight can result in incorrect measurement.
  • Measurement taken as wrist circumference.
  • Forearm measurement around the largest part of the muscle group.
  • Can be dictated by support used.


  • Choose best device for injury.
  • Style of support given to patient is usually based on occupation.
  • Support length should be enough to control stresses at wrist for patient’s level of activity.
  • Pre-shape removable Palmer Spoon as appropriate.
  • Fitted with patient’s palm facing up (Supination).
  • Open brace and fit from back side of the hand to palm side.
  • Put thumb into thumb sleeve to limit appropriate function and secure thumb strap.
  • Secure velcro tabs to desired size starting at the finger end and finishing at the wrist end of the brace.
  • The boney prominence on the wrist (Ulnar Styloid Process) can make it difficult to fit wrist supports because of pressure points.

Post Fitting

  • Check fitting through function.
  • Make sure brace has been fitted with appropriate strap tightness.
  • Brace should not dig into or irritate boney prominence on the wrist (Ulnar Styloid Process).
  • Fitted with palm facing up.
  • Open brace and fit from back side of the hand to palm side.
  • Secure velcro tabs to desired size starting at the finger end and finishing at the wrist end of the brace.
  • Decrease compression from elbow forearm towards fingers (elbow to fingers).

Disengaging Velcro and securing tabs prior and after wearing will help with future fittings

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Additional Information

Detailed SKUs WST-6825-L-BG-1XL, WST-6825-L-BG-1XS, WST-6825-L-BG-LRG, WST-6825-L-BG-MED, WST-6825-L-BG-SML, WST-6825-R-BG-1XL, WST-6825-R-BG-1XS, WST-6825-R-BG-LRG, WST-6825-R-BG-MED, WST-6825-R-BG-SML
Pain Solution Wrist
Care Instructions
  • Hand Wash Cold, Mild Soap
  • No Chlorine Additive, Hang Dry

Customer Reviews

Positive Review by Pan(Posted on 3/22/16)

This is the fourth or fifth splint of this style that I have had over a period of several years. Of all the hand and wrist splints and braces I have had over the years, this is the best for me. It is not hot like some and can be adjusted to fit well. It is washable which is very important if it is for full time wear.

Good purchase Review by Jeff(Posted on 9/30/15)

Helped my paralyzed hand following my stroke.

Unusable Review by DKMoore(Posted on 2/10/12)

The brace was stiff, poorly padded and fit very badly. I ordered "small" according to my wrist size, but the brace was far too wide at the upper seam across the hand. Consequently, there was a very uncomfortable gap. That brace must have been constructed for a fat bear paw with a very small wrist!
I could not get it off fast enough to stick it back into its envelope and return it.

The brace looked similar to an old one made by Smith & Nephew, who apparently no longer make thumb spicas, but did not come anywhere close in comfort and quality.

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