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Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • How to Survive Holiday Weight Gain

    Posted on October 31, 2015 by Core Products

    Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, holiday cookies and treats- it seems almost impossible to avoid weight gain during the holidays. Going into the holiday season, here at Core Products your health is our concern. Obesity is a major epidemic in the U.S. and most are finding it difficult to maintain an ideal weight. The temptations during the holidays only contribute to this problem, so it’s best to get a plan in action now to avoid those excess calories. Being overweight causes many health problems and is a major contributor to back pain which plagues many.

    Here are some steps to take now to avoid having to work off those extra lbs later.

    -Set Goals   

    Set a plan now for how you will limit excess calories. Perhaps increase your workout routine to account for the extra temptations, or vow to give up one of your favorite indulgences for the season.

    -Eat Before a Party

    If you are going to be attending a holiday party, it’s best to eat protein before you leave the house. Have a handful of almonds, this will tide you over and may even give you the power to resist the bread basket.

    -Trade Water for Alcohol

    Holiday parties are notorious for “drinking holiday cheer.” Alcoholic beverages are full of empty calories. Staying hydrated with lots of water will not only keep you away from the cocktails but it may also make you less inclined to indulge at dinner.

    Holiday weight gain is definitely a concern for many- but having fun should also be a priority. Enjoying time with family and friends is priceless, but you can have just as good of a time without sampling everything on the dessert tray! Core Products wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

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  • Help Relieve Joint Pain and Arthritis

    Posted on October 20, 2015 by Core Products

    The elbow and wrist are often the most impacted by the pain of arthritis and joint pain. The pain can affect your easiest day-to-day routines. Even the simplest tasks of opening doors or typing can be painful. Pain in these upper extremity areas can be caused by a number of reasons including: arthritis, fractures, strains and sprains, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow or nerve damage.

    Core Products offers a variety of options for those experiencing joint pain in the elbow and wrist.

    -Elbow Pain

    Tennis elbow is probably the most common cause of elbow pain- other than an injury or fracture. Tennis elbow occurs when repetitive motions overwork the tendons in your elbow. Core Products offers the Neoprene Tennis Elbow Support that provides healing warmth and support to alleviate the pain of tennis elbow. It applies pressure and warmth for targeted relief of pain.

    -Wrist Pain

    Wrist pain can come from several causes including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures and tendonitis. Core Products offers products specifically designed to alleviate wrist pain. The Nelmed Wrist Wrap is a lightweight wrap that provides comfort and support without irritating the skin. The wrap is simple to use and comfortable enough to use daily. The Powerwrap Wrist Brace Universal allows for a more custom fit by providing quick pull on straps. It’s easy to wear and easy to adjust.

    There is no need to go another day with pain in your elbow or wrist. With a variety of elastic, slip-on and splint braces, Core Products has just the product you need to get the custom support necessary to take away your pain.

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  • How to FINALLY Get a Good Night’s Sleep

    Posted on October 16, 2015 by Core Products

    You’ve tried all the tricks you’ve read about. You cut back on caffeine late in the day, you avoid TV right before bed and you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on mattresses, pillows and gadgets- and may have even resorted to a sleep medication. Before you spend another sleepless night, here at Core Products we have provided some simple tips to help you get your zzzzz’s.

    In today’s busy world, insomnia is all too common. We all know the recommended hours to sleep at night are 7-8, but whether you have too much to do or can’t turn off your mind, many don’t come close to this guideline. Lack of shut-eye not only leaves you sleepy the next day, but chronic, long-term insufficient sleep increases odds of diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease, even weight gain.

    Here at Core Products we realize the importance of a good night’s sleep. Here are some recommendations to get you back in bed!

    -  Don’t drink alcohol late at night

    While drinking alcohol may relax you, it interferes with getting into a deep sleep. If you are going to have a drink, have it well before bedtime.

    -  Write down your thoughts- get your thoughts in check

    With the busy lives we lead, we often have trouble turning off our brain at night. Keeping a   journal and writing down your concerns or anxieties can help you eliminate those thoughts and turn off your mind.

    -  Take a bath

    A relaxing, warm bath at night helps to calm the body and mind and makes you sleepy.

    -  Set the mood

    Make sure your bedroom is a calm environment. Avoid bright lights and bright colors and keep your bedroom lights dimmed or use lamps.

    -  No electronics

    Keeping a television in your room not only will likely keep you up later than you should be, but the lights and distraction can interrupt the sleep cycle. Tablets and phones should also be put away somewhere outside the bedroom to avoid unnecessary distractions.

    -  Make your goal relaxation, not sleep

    If you use these tips and still can’t seem to get the sleep you need, instead of watching the clock tick by, just tell yourself your goal is to simply relax not sleep. This may trick your brain into releasing the pressure of how many hours of sleep you get, and if nothing else, relaxing is a good way for the body to rejuvenate.

    -  Choose the right pillow

    Core Products offers cervical pillows and specialty pillows that can help alleviate pain and add comfort, leading to a better night’s sleep.

    Following these simple tips will help get you the right amount of sleep so you can face the day relaxed and rested!

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  • Hot Verses Cold Therapy- When to Use What

    Posted on October 5, 2015 by Core Products

    We’ve all heard someone say, “Put ice on it!” or “Use a hot water bottle for back pain!” But how do you determine when it’s appropriate to use heat therapy verses cold therapy? Here at Core Products, we’ve broken down the facts on when to use heat therapy and when to use cold therapy so you can stop playing the guessing game.

    We’ve eliminated the guessing with these specific tips for opting for heat verses cold therapy for injuries and pain.

    When to use cold:

    Cold therapy should be used mainly only to treat acute or new injuries, this includes traumatic incidents like falling or twisting a muscle, which are immediately painful. Cold therapy, such as our Vinyl Cold Pack Wipes, produce vasoconstriction- slowing circulation and reducing muscle pain. Injuries that include bleeding, inflammation, swelling and pain that needs to be controlled immediately, will experience relief with cold therapy. Cold therapy can be used to help relieve strains, sprains, headaches and other soft tissue injuries. Cold packs should be used for approximately 20 minutes at a time and reapplied every 1-3 hours. Following the first few days of cold therapy, you can begin to alternate between cold and heat to help increase blood flow to the affected area.

    When to use heat:

    Applying heat to pain or an injury helps to relax muscles by drawing blood to the targeted tissues. Heat therapy should be used for chronic injuries- those that are not suddenly onset. Warmth decreases muscle spasms, relaxes tense muscles, relieves pain and can increase range of motion. Warmth can provide relief for chronic pain including arthritis. Heat should be applied for about 15-20 minutes to increase blood flow and can also be used prior to exercise to increase flexibility.

    The basic rules of thumb to remember are to use cold therapy for new injuries and heat therapy for chronic injuries and pain. Core Products offers a variety of options for both heat and cold therapy. We also offer moist heat therapy products- which many believe is more effective at warming tissues than dry heat.

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