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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • 5 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Season

    Posted on November 24, 2015 by Core Products

    It’s November and that means only a few weeks until the kick-off of the holiday season. Keeping your stress level low through what can be the busiest time of the year is essential to your overall well-being. Here at Core Products we want to offer 5 tips for a stress free holiday season.

    1. Be prepared. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy that Thanksgiving turkey, or to find that perfect gift. Start preparing now so you’ll have less stress later.
    2. Don’t take on too much. Many of us have such busy schedules that we take on too much during the holidays. If it’s going to stress you out to have family over to your house, don’t do it. There are many nice restaurants for holiday meals- and the best part is, you don’t have to clean up the mess.
    3. Save a day off for when the holidays are over. Many of us use our vacation days during the prime holiday season to spend time with family and enjoy the company. But one of the best things you can do is save one day off for when everything is over. Once the kids are back in school and the family has left, take a day to de-holiday your house, get that exercise you’ve been avoiding and set yourself up mentally for the new year ahead.
    4. Don’t worry about a clean house, instead focus on family. Many adults spend so much time cooking and cleaning that they don’t even have time to catch up with loved ones. It’s not necessary to do the dishes immediately following a meal. Instead stay at the dinner table and enjoy some relaxing communication. Remember, when the holidays are over there will be plenty of time to tidy up but you may miss out on family memories if you concentrate on cleaning instead of conversation.
    5. Prepare yourself mentally for the unexpected. As with life, many things come up unexpectedly at the last minute. Realize that these things happen and it always seems to work out. Don’t let unexpected events ruin your holiday cheer. If your flight is delayed or you are stuck in a traffic jam, take the time to catch up with your family- the real meaning of the holidays. Think of unexpected events as adventures.

    Following these simple guidelines will get you the worst of your aunts fruit cake!

    How to Avoid the Pain Pill Epidemic

    Over the past few years prescription drugs have become the drug of choice for many addicts. Some may be prescribed the drug after an injury or surgery or some simply may be looking for a good high. What has become overwhelmingly transparent is the addictive nature of these drugs. Here at Core Products we offer several solutions to pain so that you can be comfortable without relying on risky pain pills that may leave you with a worse problem than you had to start.

    The number of people, especially older, who are experiencing some type of pain is overwhelming. It’s no wonder they are looking for a quick fix, sometimes to simply make it through the day. But be warned- using prescription drugs like Oxycodone may take away the pain temporarily but may leave you with a lifetime of pain ahead of you- addiction.

    To avoid resorting to pain pills for comfort we have several products that can not only help prevent pain but can give you the comfort you need to function day to day.

    Best Comfort Gifts for the “Pains” in Your Life

    With the holiday season just around the bin you are probably starting to think about gifts for the loved ones in your life. What better gift to give than the gift of comfort? Core Products has several gift suggestions that your “painful” friends and family will surely appreciate.

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  • November is National Sleep Comfort Month

    Posted on November 13, 2015 by Core Products

    November is National Sleep Comfort Month and here at Core Products we are all about getting a good night’s sleep. To honor this holiday we have come up with the best products to give you that added comfort during the night.

    Neck Rolls are a great replacement for pillows if you suffer from neck pain. A neck roll like the Positioning Bolster Dutchman Roll softly cushion the back of your neck reshaping the top portion of your spine back into its natural position.

    Sleep position is another factor that contributes to comfortable sleep. Sleeping flat on your back is the most recommended position for sleeping; however many of us find ourselves moving around in the night and ending up on our sides or stomachs. These positions may alter the natural shape of your neck and spine and cause added discomfort. Remember- back is best. Therapeutica ergonomic pillows are perfect for back sleeping!

    Find the right mattress. With a variety of mattress choices available, make sure your mattress is up to par or get a new one. Mattresses can be the leaders in causing sleep discomfort. It may be worth the extra money to invest in a good night’s sleep by choosing the right mattress.

    Remember, a better night’s sleep will make you happier, healthier and more prepared to face the everyday stressors of life.

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