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Lace-Up Ankle Supports Black

SKU: AKL6300

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The lace-up, ambidextrous design features a triple-layered fabric body, medial and lateral spiral stays

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  • Lace-Up Ankle Support Helps Provide Stability and Comfort for Chronic or Acute Ankle Injuries

    Ideal for sports or high activity, the Lace-Up Ankle Support features triple-layered construction of canvas and elastic for superior support and durability. Internal medial and lateral spiral stays help stabilize ankle and control abnormal eversion and inversion of ankle. Lace-Up design allows adjustments in compression to support ankle joints, muscles and ligaments. Bilateral design. Available in XS, S, M, L or XL.

    TESTIMONIAL: “Knowing personally how often ankles are sprained playing basketball, I encouraged the girls to give the braces a try. Most of the players who tried the braces continue to wear them – a testament to their usefulness! They liked how quick and easy they were to put on. It takes five seconds to put on; it’s not bulky; and it provides constant support.” –Greg Zimmerman, WI


    • X-Small 4” - 6”
    • Small 6” - 8”
    • Medium 8” - 10”
    • Large 10” - 12”
    • X-Large 12” - 14”

    Item Description

    AKL6300 Lace-Up Ankle Support - White

    Additional Information

    SKU AKL6300
    Detailed SKUs AKL-6300, AKL-6300-1XL, AKL-6300-1XS, AKL-6300-2XL, AKL-6300-MED, AKL-6300-SML
    Pain Area Ankle, Foot
    Care Instructions
    • Hand Wash Cold, Mild Soap
    • No Chlorine Additive, Hang Dry
  • Conditions

    • Ankle Injury / Instability; Ankle Sprain: Most are inversion sprains (ankle turns in) 80%; Knee issues; Plantar Fasciitis; Other; High ankle sprains require motions reduction and non-weight bearing measures.

    Ankle Supports Benefit Options

    • Lace Design: Great for post injury and provides excellent compression & outside inside support.
    • Ankle supports encourage Ambulation (walking):
    • Edema (swelling)  reduction
    • Retain proprioception (sensory perception of area)
    • Retain strength
    • Limits abnormal motion but allows appropriate & necessary motion.
    • Can help with Knee Hyper-Extension.

    Fitting Landmarks

    • Knee Cap
    • Lower Leg Length / Size of calf
    • Tibial Bone Plateau (area just below knee cap)
    • (Malleolus) the bony protuberance on either side of the ankle, at the lower end of the bottom of lower leg.
    • Heel Bone (Calcaneous)
    • Achilles Tendon
    • Calf Muscle


    • Snug Fit Measurement:  Devices are sized at a compressed fit.
      • Measuring loose vs. skin tight can result in incorrect measurement.
    • Measure: Ankle Circumference; Calf Muscle at the thickest area; Length from Ankle to Knee
    • Can be dictated by support used.


    • Choose best device for injury.
    • Fit from behind the ankle to the front or slip foot/ankle through brace depending on situation.
    • Best fit is from sitting position with foot flat on the floor.
    • Make any necessary adjustments to laces first.
    • Laces should be applied from the bottom of the brace (at toe end) to the top of the brace (calf end) or (bottom up).
    • The higher the support length is up to and through the gastroc, the more effective the brace will be. 
    • Mark devices “Left” / “Right” as they will tend to form to foot they shape.

    Post Fitting

    • Check fitting sitting down and also while walking.
    • Make sure brace has been fitted with appropriate strap tightness.
    • Brace should not dig into or irritate the Achilles tendon, bottom of the foot or top of the foot.
    • Add compression from laces starting from the bottom of the brace (at toe end) to the top of the brace (calf end) or (bottom up) with laces or straps.
    • Decrease compression from top (calf end) to bottom (toe end).
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