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Therapeutica Spinal Support Plus




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Support is provided from the head to the base of the spine, a key factor in the provision of relief and prevention of back pain and fatigue.

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  • Preventable back problems will affect the majority of adults in their lifetime. Over fifty billion dollars is spent per year in the U.S. trying to alleviate back problems and the suffering caused by the resulting pain. An essential factor for preventable back problems is good posture. Good posture is found in the ‘S’ curve of a correctly aligned spine when viewed from the side. This ‘S’ curve is made up of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar curves. The Spinal Orthotic/Auto Support has been ergonomically designed to provide a template that supports all three curves in the spine based on the user’s size. Force Vectors are applied at the right points in the spine to stimulate a reflex that forces you to sit upright. Support is provided from the head to the base of the spine, a key factor in the provision of relief and prevention of back pain and fatigue.

    • Helps relieve and prevent back pain and fatigue while promoting greater comfort in seated posture
    • Designed ergonomically to match the proper shape of the entire spine, thereby giving the best possible support to the spine in its natural position
    • Aids in the prevention of whiplash by providing support to the head and neck. Does not obstruct rear view when driving
    • Shoulder blades and arms are free for unrestricted movement
    • Unique but simple fastening system allows easy fastening to any vehicle’s 'single seat'
    • May also be used in chair or wheelchair
    • Five-year warranty to retain shape and resilience
    • Available in 3 sizes for a custom fit: Petite Back, Average Back, and Tall Back

    Product Size:

    Petite: 28.5"L x 18"W x 6"D
    Average: 30"L x 18"W x 6"D
    Tall: 32"L x 18"W x 6"D

    Additional Information

    SKU BAK472
    Detailed SKUs BAK-472-PET, BAK-472-AVG, BAK-472-TAL
  • Customer Reviews




    Posted on 4/25/18

    I ordered the petite and measured accurately - what I received is of absolutely no use to me. It is way too large (long) - I am 5'4" and petite should be much smaller than what I received.

    It is a well made product and as such I would be willing to pay the price - if I could use it! I have tried it in numerous places.



    This product has made my car seats tolerable

    Posted on 9/25/17

    I drive a Toyota Prius, and the seats provide little to no support, and force me to round my back and jut my head forward. The Therapeutica Spinal Support Plus helps to properly align my back and neck, and provides support in all the right places, without hindering shoulder movement. The only bummer is that at 5'4.5" tall, I fall between the petite size and the average size, so I have to slightly raise the the Therapeutica Spinal Support Plus each time I get into the car. It's not a big deal, except on the days when I am getting in and out of my car 100+ times on days I make product deliveries.
    I recommend this product.



    Excellent spinal support

    Posted on 3/30/17

    This is a very well made device that provides full spinal support from the lumbar, through thoracic and cervical regions. I debated on purchasing this for over a year, always opting for other support options due to their lower prices. When the other options failed to meet my needs, I finally took the risk and ordered the "Therapeutica Spinal Support Plus" along with the "Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow" (reviewed separately) . Both are excellent, and both have improved my quality of life with regard to pain from previous injuries. The spinal support is the best device of its kind that I have yet tried, and I regret not ordering it sooner. I use it daily whether reading, working in my home office, or watching television. It has noticeably reduced the severity of the pain, muscle spasms, and fatigue from prior injuries when sitting for prolonged periods of time. I would personally prefer slightly deeper lumbar curvature, but the thoracic and cervical portions are spot on. The cutouts for the shoulders greatly improve the comfort and aid in maintaining a proper posture, which is paramount to those with shoulder and thoracic outlet issues. In searching for these features and support, I have tried many different cushions and expensive ergonomic chairs without as much success or noticeable improvement as the Therapeutica Spinal Support Plus. I use this support in a slight recline in my normal seating (office chair, couch, lounger) which I find most comfortable. While I would prefer them to be less expensive, but I would certainly recommend them both, and plan to order a couple more of these supports shortly for my regular office chair and travel.

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