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Knee Support Sleeve Neoprene

SKU: KNE6402

Price Range: $21.74 - $26.98
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For minor strains, sprains and arthritic conditions. Uniform compression promotes circulation, helps reduce inflammation

Part# 6402

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Price Range: $21.74 - $26.98
  • Neoprene Knee Sleeve

    Convenient slip-on support is great for edema or post-surgical effusion, mild ostheoarthritis and patellar tendinitis (jumper’s knee). High quality neoprene delivers uniform compression and warmth, promoting circulation and helping to reduce inflammation. Open patella has double padding surrounding kneecap for extra compression. Contoured, bilateral design. Available in S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X or 5X.

    Knee Size 

    • Small 12” - 13”
    • Medium 13” - 14”
    • Large 14” - 15”
    • X-Large 15” - 16”
    • 2X 16” - 17”
    • 3X 17” - 19”
    • 4X 19” - 21”
    • 5X 21” - 23”

    Item Description

    KNE6402 Neoprene Knee Sleeve

    Additional Information

    SKU KNE6402
    Detailed SKUs KNE-6402, KNE-6402-1XL, KNE-6402-1XS, KNE-6402-2XL, KNE-6402-3XL, KNE-6402-4XL, KNE-6402-6XL, KNE-6402-MED, KNE-6402-SML
    Pain Area Knee
    Care Instructions
    • Hand Wash Cold, Mild Soap
    • No Chlorine Additive, Hang Dry
  • Conditions

    Mild Sports Injury/Proprioceptive Awareness; Other

    Knee Supports Benefit Options

    • Sleeves:  Are good for legs that are symmetrical.
    • Open Closure: Are good for legs that are non-symmetrical.
    • Braces with Adjustable Straps:  Help control Patella posture and creates environment for rehab.

    Fitting Landmarks

    • Thigh
    • Knee Cap
    • Calf
    • Back Crease of Knee (Popliteal Fossa)


    • Snug Fit Measurement:  Devices are sized at a compressed fit.
      • Measuring loose vs. skin tight can be 2-2 ½ inches.
    • Knee Circumference
    • Calf, Knee Cap, Thigh, Thigh Length
    • Can be dictated by support used.


    • Best fit is from sitting position with knee in slight bend.
    • Pull sleeve on to the knee higher to the groin area. 
    • Fit the opening for knee cap slightly higher on the knee cap.  Approximately the upper half of the knee cap.  The tendency is to wear the support too low.  When fitted, brace will slide down into proper position.
    • Upper part of support should be higher to groin area. (braces have tendency to slip down so fit higher)

    Post Fitting

    • Have patient sit down to check fitting.
    • Upper part of the brace should not dig into groin area.
    • Have patient demonstrate how to remove and apply device.
  • Customer Reviews



    Good value for light knee issues

    Posted on 5/3/18

    Good quality knee brace that stays put and provides good support for the knee during exercise.



    2x disappointed

    Posted on 9/10/17

    This was my second sleeve from you guys and the second one ripped at the back seam, just like the first one. I ordered a size up thinking I maybe needed a bigger size, but I don't think that was it, because it was actually less snug on my leg and it still pulled apart at the top of the back seam. I had neither one for over 30 days, but failed to keep my receipts. I gave it the benefit of doubt and reordered a second time, but had the same result unfortunately.

    Comment From Core Products:

    Thank you for taking the time to post a review. I have not heard of this happening before, they are stitched to be double reinforced. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every product we manufacture. You do not need your receipt for us to send you a replacement or offer you a refund if you purchased the product from us. You are reviewing as a guest so we do not have a way to verify if you're reviewing a product we manufactured and was purchased from us. Please contact customer service at 800-365-3047 and we would be glad to get you taken care of.



    Supports my knee well

    Posted on 5/14/13

    I had some minor knee surgery last fall and have been using this brace ever since. Wear it all day and it helps stabilize my knee. I'd buy again

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