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Abdominal Binder Semi Universal

SKU: ABD6109

Price Range: $18.15 - $22.97
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Our versatile Abdominal Binder will help relieve a multitude of aches and strains in abdominal region and can be used as an ab binder or post-operative belt.

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Price Range: $18.15 - $22.97
  • Our versatile Abdominal Binder will help relieve a multitude of aches and strains in abdominal region and can be used as an ab binder or post-operative belt. The comfortable, multi-tiered elastic contours easily and helps prevent rolling.

    Provides needed support and stability to the trunk of active men and women. Patients recovering from surgery will appreciate how the Abdominal Binder reduces strains. Features a CorEdge® Finish for extra comfort. For a proper fit, measure around the widest part of torso. White. Available in S/M or L/XL. 

    The comfortable, multi-tiered plush elastic contours easily and helps prevent rolling. The abdominal binder gives needed support and stability to the rib cage of active men and women. And anyone recovering from surgery in the upper torso will appreciate how the ab binder reduces strains.

    The binder features a CorEdge® finish for comfort. For a proper fit, measure around the widest part of your torso. 

    • Versatile use. 

    • Comfortable plush elastic. 

    • CorEdge® finish for comfort 

    • Small/Medium fits 24" to 36" and Large/XLarge fits 36" to 48" at widest part of the torso

    LSB6109 9” Abdominal Binder 

    LSB6112 12” Abdominal Binder

    Additional Information

    SKU ABD6109
    Detailed SKUs ABD-6109-LXL, ABD-6109-SMD, ABD-6112-LXL, ABD-6112-SMD
    Pain Area Abdominal, Back, Spine
    Care Instructions
    • Hand Wash Cold, Mild Soap
    • No Chlorine Additive, Hang Dry
  • Conditions

    Spinal Stenosis; Sciatica; Degenerative Disc; Prolapsed Disc; Osteroporosis; Osteroarthritis of the Spine; Other.

    Abdominal Support Benefits

    • Has a variety of applications.
    • Provides support for a large abdomen (stomach).
    • Supplements musculature weakened by loss of muscle tone.
    • Reduces strain on muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine.
    • Help restore normal distribution of body weight.
    • Improves posture and overall body function/movement.
    • Helps after surgery by preventing abdomen (stomach)  from straining incisions.


    • Xiphoid Process (Bottom Tip of sternum or breast bone)
    • Bottom/lower ribs
    • Bottom of shoulder blade
    • Shoulder blade
    • Very top lateral aspect of hip bone
    • Very top of crease of buttocks

    Measurement For Abdominal Supports

    • Measure around chest & below breast bone with a snug fit.
    • Measure (True Waist) (Area between lower rib & top of hip bone)
    • Snug Fit Measurement:  Devices are sized at a compressed fit.
      • Measurement loose vs skin tight can be 2-2 ½ inches.
    • Hip Measurement:
      • Measure at fullest part of the buttocks
      • Approx: Hip joint & groin area


    • Fitting is done starting in the back & finishing in the front..
    • Center support
    • Top of brace should not put pressure on Xiphoid Process  (Point at bottom of breast bone).
      • This can cause difficulty breathing.
    • Belt should be under breast line & under Xiphoid Process (Point at bottom of breast bone).
    • Belt should be fitted so back is below shoulder blade.
    • Top of brace should cover lower ribs
    • Bottom of brace should be around top of the hip bone and be at the very top of crease of buttocks.
    • Pull straps out away from body and then cross
    • Add compression from bottom to top

    Post Fitting

    • Sit down to check fitting.
      • Trunk length will shorten when sitting.
    • Should not dig into lower abdomen (stomach) or it is fitted to low.
    • Should not put pressure on Xiphoid Proess (Point at bottom of breast bone).
    • Decrease compression from top to bottom
    • Disengaging Velcro and attach at far back of belt where straps originate.
    • Depending on your condition, the application of the device  may need to be done by a secondary care-taker or significant other. 
    • Best secure fitting is with patient laying down w/knees bent.
  • Customer Reviews



    too wide for me...

    Posted on 8/4/17

    Just a bit too bulky to wear under clothes. Also, I have a very short torso, so its way too wide and hurts to wear. Had to return.



    Great, Lightweight Support

    Posted on 4/5/17

    I had a total hysterectomy. This binder provides excellent support and compression. It is lightweight, and is not irritating at all.



    Wonderful support after abdominal (cancer) surgery!

    Posted on 1/6/17

    After major abdominal surgery, I needed some support around my stomach. Walking, bending over and general movement was very painful. I needed help. I have been using the Abdominal Binder Semi-Universal for several weeks. It does a great job of supporting and containing. Even though I don't have a large body, I'm glad that I ordered the Large size. It is totally adjustable to fit your particular physique and having the Large size makes wearing it outside your clothing an option. You can adjust how tight it fits to suit your own comfort level. I would definitely recommend this product and I love that it is made in the U.S.A.

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