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It's Important to Maintain Proper Posture While Traveling

Posted on August 9, 2012 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the majority of low back pain reported in the United States, occurs within the lower five lumbar regions. The most pain falls within the fourth and fifth lumbars, adjacent to the sacrum. The last movable joint along the spine, the lumbosacral joint, where the fifth lumbar connects to the sacrum, bears greater weight and stress, therefore has greater risk of strain or injury.

Poor posture, fatigue and exhaustion are common causes of low-back pain. As such, one of the more common complaints of travelers is an aching back. Why? Because travelers sit for prolonged periods of time, they haul heavy objects like luggage and children through airports and hotels, and sleep in strange beds with unfamiliar pillows.

Wether you are traveling or at a desk, prolonged sitting will fatigue the back muscles. Eventually one slips into a poor posture. The solution is to sit straight and use a lumbar cushion that will support your lower back. These cushions can be very effective in promoting proper posture in any chair while providing support and comfort for your lower back.

With many different body shapes, many different styles of back support cushions are available. While foam comfort supports are common, others use fiber, rigid plastic or air bladders. At the heart of each of our foam back cushions is a precision cut foam core manufactured with the highest quality, long-lasting foam. Stepping up form basic models are deluxe versions that can include a higher grade fabric and positioning belts.

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