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Running After a Winter Hiatus

Posted on March 14, 2015 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

Winter’s grasp on much of the country is finally fading. It’s almost to the point where many people will begin to run again and make their way outside.

Coming back from a hiatus is very similar to when you’re coming back from an injury. This time, however, it’s self-induced and not because of being hurt. Chances are it simply either too cold outside or there was limited sunlight to help keep you motivated after a long day at work. If you avoided treadmills like the plague to keep up with your running this winter we have a few tips to get you back in the swing of things this spring.

Here are a few things to consider before heading out the door and attempting to PR in this weekend’s local 5K:

-  It’s going to take time. Our bodies lose a large chunk of our aerobic fitness after a few months of no running or working out. We become less efficient in how we use oxygen and our muscles lose significant strength after just a few days of not working out.

-  Start by walking. Oftentimes as runners we think we can just back to the regular routine. If you don’t move around a lot during the winter months walking your routes could prove crucial in getting back to your normal routine.

-  Lengthen your warm-up. Taking extra time with your warm-up (and cool down, for that matter) will help protect your muscles and joints from injury.

-  GO SLOW. Start slowly when making a comeback to running after taking time off. Your body isn’t mechanically used to the rigors of running and won’t be ready to sprint out the door for an extended period of time. Easing back in to higher intensity runs will decrease the chances of injury and being forced to hang up your running shoes for a period of time.

-  Take longer breaks. Your body will require longer recovery times between runs. Waiting 2-3 days between runs early on is a great way for your body’s muscles, bones and connective tissues to

Stay safe and smart when venturing back into the world from your running hibernation!

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