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Tri-Core Cervical Pillow Comfort Zone Material

SKU: FIB8200

Price Range: $41.58 - $49.91
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No more kicking off the covers due to overheating. By eliminating temperature swings throughout the night, you are less likely to wake up from chills or overheating.

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Price Range: $41.58 - $49.91
  • Tri-Core® Comfort Zone Pillow Stay in Your Comfort Zone

    The Comfort Zone pillow delivers the same neck support as a traditional Tri-Core pillow with the added benefit of Outlast® technology. Outlast interacts with your body to help balance temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing heat. Traditional pillows trap body heat and prevent your body from cooling down. The Comfort Zone pillow manages that buildup of heat and allows you to maintain a more balanced temperature. No more kicking off covers or waking up chilled. Measures 24” x 16” (61cm x 41cm); Mid-Core measures 22” x 15” (56cm x 38cm).

    Item Description

    FIB8200 Tri-Core Comfort Zone Pillow - Standard/Firm

    FIB8220 Tri-Core Comfort Zone Pillow - Gentle/Soft

    FIB8221 Tri-Core Comfort Zone Mid-Core Pillow

    Additional Information

    SKU FIB8200
    Detailed SKUs FIB-8200, FIB-8220, FIB-8221
    Care Instructions

    Hand Washing and Drying:

    1. Soak in warm water using mild detergent.
    2. Continue to press or flush water through until clean.
    3. Press out any excess water.
    4. Rinse in clear water removing detergent and soil.
    5. Press out excess water and drip dry flat. Do not hang or filling will settle.
    6. Refluff when thoroughly dry (punching on diagonals).
    Material Pillow: Fiber, Cover: Cotton & Outlast
    Dimensions 24"x16"
  • Why the shaped center?
    The shaped center provides maximum comfort and flexibility. When sleeping on your back, the center cradles your head to support your neck in its most natural position. As you roll from your back to one side, the Tri-Core pillow again properly supports your neck.

    The sides of the pillow are recommended for side sleeping. The neck is gently held in a comfortable position on the raised section of the pillow. As you roll to your back, the center lets your head nestle for the greatest comfort and appropriate support.

  • Customer Reviews



    Love the product

    Posted on 8/4/17

    I love your pillows. I had to have 2 discs removed in my neck about 12 years ago and I need support under my neck and on my side at night. This pillow serves me very will and this time I order the cool fabric and I really like it.



    great pillow...but

    Posted on 6/19/17

    Core products makes a great pillow and I did try this Tri-Core for the first time. My first purchase of a core pillow came via the chiropractor for cervical issues. It was the "D" pillow. I do remember it taking a while to get comfortable using the D, and now i wouldn't be without it. The tri-core is really large on one side and a bit too thin on the narrow side of the pillow. It is a very personal issue- as with bedding...so I would recommend to those interested in purchasing, You can try it, keep it...or use it in a guest bed-room if it doesn't work out.



    Excellent product

    Posted on 6/11/17

    this pillow has the perfect level of softness and the elevated area for the neck is excellent.

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