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Product Spotlight: The Tri-Core® Cervical Support Pillow

Posted on March 2, 2017 by Core Products There have been 0 comments

By Brian Acton

tri-core-blogThe Tri-Core® Cervical Support Pillow is one of Core Products’ top selling pillows for good reason. Designed to promote a natural sleeping posture, the Tri-Core can help relieve neck pain, resulting in a comfortable night’s sleep. Its simple design and level of support make it a natural choice for customers looking to improve their sleeping posture.

That’s why we’ve chosen the Tri-Core for our first product spotlight. Read on to learn more about what makes the Tri-Core special.

Who Should Use a Tri-Core Pillow?

The Tri-Core is primarily used by our customers to help relieve muscle soreness and neck pain resulting from improper sleeping positions, which often stem from injuries, medical conditions or simply bad sleeping techniques.

The Tri-Core helps with these issues in two ways: it helps corrects sleeping posture and helps maintain proper posture by supporting the neck in its natural position. The Tri-Core can help with neck pain, headaches, whiplash injuries, arthritis, and even snoring in some cases.

It’s also a great pillow for those who have never had problems with sleeping posture. If you just want a supportive pillow that helps avoid future neck problems, this pillow is a great option. There are several firmness levels and pillow sizes to accommodate the needs of every sleeper.

Even if you frequently roll from your back to your side, the Tri-Core supports the neck. The sides of the pillow are recommended for side sleeping.

How Does It Work?

Traditional pillows often have the same thickness throughout the entire pillow. As a result, the neck is often improperly supported. The Tri-Core addresses this issue with its uniquely designed neck rolls and indented pillow center. The neck rolls on top and bottom provide a more customized fit for different sized necks.  These rolls support the neck rather than let it bend or slope at awkward angles. The indented center is crafted to comfortably cradle the head while sleeping..

How Can It Help Me?

For customers with symptoms resulting from injury or improper sleeping techniques, the Tri-Core helps provide proper support when sleeping. This can help people regain proper neck posture as injured tissue or muscles heal. At this initial stage, users might find the pillow uncomfortable; adjustment can take a few weeks of use.

The Tri-Core also helps maintain proper cervical alignment by sustaining the neck in its natural posture. Many people discover that once the normal curvature of the neck is restored, they crave the comfort of maximum support.

The Core Products Advantage

Core Products isn’t the only manufacturer of therapeutic and cervical pillows, but there’s a reason the Tri-Core is so popular. Our pillows are a result of quality American manufacturing that uses top of the line supplies and American craftsmanship. That’s why we provide a full 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Still wondering what pillow is right for your support needs? Feel free to drop us a line and we can help you pick the product that’s right for you.

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