6 Reasons That Good Posture is Important

By Brian Acton

Good posture is important for many reasons, chief among them your physical health (but there can be mental benefits, too!). The positive effects of standing and sitting up straight radiate through your entire body, while bad posture can lead to negative outcomes. It pays off to practice good posture and avoid slouching. Here are six reasons that good posture is important.

1. Boosted Confidence

Several studies have shown a correlation between good posture and confidence, and suggest that standing or sitting up straight can influence your own thinking. One study found that people who sat up straight during a written exercise were more likely to believe themselves qualified for a job, while those who slumped forward were more likely to doubt themselves. Another study found that people sitting up straight while performing a math problem found the exercise easier than those who slouched. Posture may have an effect on how confident others perceive you to be, as well - people may view you as more confident and dominant when you sit or stand up straight, and more submissive when you are slouching and making yourself appear smaller.

2. Full Lung Capacity

Good posture can help you breathe better. When you slouch forward, your diaphragm can’t work at its full capacity to expand your chest and lungs as you breathe in. Over time, this reduced lung capacity can lead you to become tired more easily and prevent you from performing physical activities as effectively. Standing up straight, on the other hand, will help you use your lungs to their full potential.

3. Fewer Neck and Back Problems

Constantly slouching forward puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your back and neck. Looking down at your cell phone, for example, can put as much as 60 additional pounds of pressure on your neck, which can lead to neck problems and chronic pain. Poor posture can also lead to lower back pain and even cause anatomical changes to your spine. To avoid neck and back problems, practice good posture.

4. Avoiding Muscle Fatigue

When you’re properly aligned and balanced, your muscles are working as they should and nothing is getting overused or underutilized. This means that your muscles won’t be overworked to make up for deficiencies or lack of use elsewhere, and they won’t get fatigued as quickly.

5. Avoiding Wear and Tear on Your Joints

Joints wear out naturally over time, but bad posture may cause abnormal or uneven wearing of joints, which can contribute to osteoarthritis or joint pain. Joints can even be reshaped permanently over years of bad posture. Standing and sitting straight, on the other hand, helps distribute wear and tear on your joints evenly and prevents long-term damage.

6. Better Digestion

Slumping forward compresses your organs in your abdomen, which can hinder digestion. You won’t be able to digest your food as effectively and your metabolism will slow down. Bad posture can even lead to problems like heartburn or acid reflux.

Core Products Posture Supplies

Of course, remembering to practice good posture is easier said than done, especially if you’re already entrenched in bad habits. Here are a few posture products that can help you maintain good posture throughout the day:

Sitback Mesh Backrest: staying seated for a long time can cause your hips, back, and spine to suffer. Maintaining proper sitting posture is easier with this support, which sits behind your back and maintains proper spinal curving.

Spine Saver Wedge: if you’d rather sit on a support than have one behind your back, the Spine Saver Wedge is an inclined cushion that promotes proper posture as you sit.

Posture Corrector: when standing, the Posture Corrector helps you stand tall and upright using straps to hold your shoulders in place. It’s inconspicuous and can be worn under your clothes.









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