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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • Core Products Sponsors Osceola Wheels and Wings Pancake Breakfast

    Posted on August 25, 2014 by Core Products

    Osceola Wheels and Wings

    Osceola, Wisconsin proudly presents the best Fly-in/Air and Classic Car show in the Midwest-on Saturday September 6th, just as the leaves start turning their glorious colors! Now in its 34th year, Wheels and Wings continues to be the largest family entertainment event of the region. Drawing over 8000 regional visitors, car and aviation enthusiasts fill the town and the airport for a full day of spectating- 750 custom classic cars from every era, motorcycles, hot rods, vintage planes, ultra lights and other incredible pieces of aviation, mechanical art and history.

    The popular Radar Run and Pancake Breakfast are in queue. Be ready for your jaw to drop as the pilots perform their acrobats and stunts with exhilarating performances. With more than 5 acres of aircraft displays,classic cars galore, fun for the kids, food and refreshments, and community group exhibits your family will be thrilled to be part of this very unique entertainment opportunity. And the best part is the admission is FREE!

    Located at the LO Simenstad  Municipal Airport,the Osceola Wheels and Wingsis growing but still retains its friendly and small town country atmosphere- part of the reason Osceola is an annual “must see” for more families every year.  To round out your day, join in on the fun at the Osceola Community Craft Fair at Mill Pond Park and in its 90th year- the Osceola Community Fair with rides, entertainment and an old fashioned community gathering  in Oakey Park.Arrive early for the Airport Pancake Breakfast to rev up your engine and start your day off right!

    Proceeds from this event benefit the Lion’s Club and the Osceola Area Chamber of Commerce, both Non-Profit organizations that give value to their members and the community. All proceeds go directly to deserving programs and charities that serve and strengthen our Community.

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  • Paralyzed Man Moves Hand after Successful Brain Chip Surgery

    Posted on August 18, 2014 by Core Products

    Earlier this year, surgeons and engineers collaborated on a surgery to implant a chip on the surface of a paralyzed man’s brain. The goal and hope was to for him to regain control and movement in his hand.

    It looks as if this sci-fi story is turning into reality. With a cord coming from the top of his head (plugged into the chip on his brain), in something that looked like it was out of The Matrix movie franchise, Ian Burkhart moved his hand for the first time in four years.

    This paralyzed man moved his hand using only his thoughts and the electrodes wrapped around his arm. Doctors and engineers circumvented his broken spinal cord by picking up electrical signals from the brain (via the implanted chip), passing those signals through a computer, and firing electrical pulses to stimulate the muscles in the man’s forearm using an electrode sleeve. The researchers at Battelle are calling it the Neurobridge and you can check out how it works here.

    The technology is a few years away from practical use but it’s an important first step in the process of helping paralyzed persons gain back their independence. This is an exciting time for a company like ours; one that manufactures products intended to give people a higher quality of life by making their lives more comfortable and pain-free.

    The future possibilities for our field are endless at this point. We look forward to following Ian’s story as well as other advances in the medical field in the near future. What once was deemed impossible is now reality. From neck pillows to back support belts and from specialty pillows to ankle braces, Core Products remains committed to making your life more comfortable.

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  • Golfing with a Sore Back

    Posted on August 14, 2014 by Core Products

    Lower back pain is a common golf injury. It’s also a cause of great frustration for any chronic back pain sufferers as it may prevent them from playing the game they love.

    If you’re dealing with back pain after golfing try to determine if it’s something sharp and specific (an indication of a severe injury), a chronic, nagging pain, or simply pain from either a lack of conditioning or a lack of golf. If you only play golf once a month there’s a good chance you’ll be sore for the next few days or even the entire next week. If this is the case, proper conditioning for playing golf is the best thing one can do.

    Focus on three things to help prevent lower back pain while golfing: mobility, stability, and strength. Below are some tips on how to get back into the swing of things

    1. Stretch and warm up: Going straight from the clubhouse to the tee box without properly stretching or warming up is not a good idea. A lot of people may like to just ‘grip it and rip it’ but if you’ve hurt your back in the past or are dealing with some lower back pain this is not advised.
    2. Condition your body. Body conditioning will strengthen your core, back, arms, and legs. Strength training and/or yoga will increase your body control and help cut down on the amount of violence in your golf swing – a leading cause of back pain in golfers.
    3. Ease back into golfing and don’t push yourself. If you’ve been off the golf course due to back pain (and not just an errant tee shot), start out on the driving range. It’s important to understand you might lose some distance on your swing. Additionally, if you can only play a few holes when getting back out there, so be it.
    4. Smartly carry your golf bag. It’s not just your swing that could cause pain. Consider using a rolling cart bag or forego walking the course and start using a golf cart to get around.
    5. Stand closer. Standing a few inches closer to the ball improves your center of gravity and will help keep your back aligned throughout your swing.

    It’s possible to play golf pain-free. This article from Golf Digest (http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-instruction/2010-03/save-your-back-foley) does a great job of showing you how to properly swing your club to reduce pain and stress on your back.

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  • Correct Weightlifting Posture

    Posted on August 11, 2014 by Core Products

    Correct posture while weightlifting increases its effectiveness and helps prevent injuries. When we’re weightlifting our goals are all pretty much the same whether it’s to gain strength or lose weight. We’re in it to get/stay in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.

    In order to maximize the results from our efforts it’s important to maintain correct posture while weightlifting. It’s especially important for avoiding injuries. If we hurt ourselves weightlifting there’s a good chance we’ll need to rest and remain inactive while we recover – not an ideal scenario.

    There is a plethora of articles and videos available online to assist us on how to achieve correct weightlifting posture. It’s a great entryway to increase your weight training knowledgebase. However, the best way to learn when starting out is to employ the services of a knowledgeable trainer at your local gym. You don’t have to hire them as your full-time trainer, but working with a trainer once in a while is a good idea to make sure your form is spot on (unless, of course, you want a personal trainer every time you lift). Even if you’ve been weight training for years it’s a good idea to occasionally work with a trainer to check your technique and make adjustments as needed.

    There are a few important tips no matter what type of weightlifting you’re doing to maintain proper posture other than just good form:

    1. Warm up
      Before doing any sort of weightlifting it’s important to do a few minutes of aerobic exercise to increase blood flow to your muscles. Lifting with cold muscles can lead to serious strains, pulls, and even tears.
    2. Proper weight
      It is much easier to maintain proper weightlifting form and technique with a weight you can manage than with a higher weight you struggle to lift.
    3. Breathe
      This sounds easy as it is something you do on a daily basis without thinking. However, many people tend to hold their breath while weightlifting. Exhale when lifting the weight and inhale as you lower it.

    If you experience pain while weightlifting heed the warning. Stop what you’re doing and try again another day. The old adage “no pain, no gain” is somewhat true but lifting through pain – the kind that is sharp or lingers – is a bad idea. Read our post here about playing/lifting through pain and when to shut it down. Stay smart about what your body tells you. Weightlifting is one of the best activities for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t limit what you can do by practicing poor technique.

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  • Back Injuries and Sex: A Few Tips for Getting Back into the Groove

    Posted on August 1, 2014 by Core Products

    Back Injuries and Sex: A Few Tips for Getting Back into the GrooveFor some, back injuries are completely debilitating. It doesn’t matter if it’s affecting your work or your leisure activities. Either way, your life isn’t quite the same. You can say something similar about what happens in the bedroom. Injuring your back can seriously put you and your partner’s sex life in a funk.

    Having sex after a back injury can be a difficult time. The injured person may be timid, afraid of hurting it or aggravating the same injury. It might also cause pain while in the act. Sex is an integral part of any relationship and you don’t want a back injury to get in the way.

    Communication is important. The best thing for you to do is be open and honest about your back pain. It’s a much better idea to discuss what’s going on than not explaining the situation of what you’re not able to have sex. This rings true for discussing back pain and sex with your doctor.

    Relax and don’t rush the process. Make yourself comfortable. Pillows are a great way to assist in positions that cause back pain. Lying on one’s back causes a lot of stress. Placing a pillow under your lower back can help relieve that stress and your pain. Another option for this is to give each other massages before engaging in sex. Not only will you help relieve each other’s pain, you will loosen up the muscles around the areas causing back pain.

    Another alternative is to try a different location other than bed. Many sites recommend engaging in sex on a chair for those who suffer from back pain. The goal is to relieve pressure wherever you’re experiencing pain. Trying sex in different positions can also achieve this goal.

    Working on your stabilizer muscles is another great way to help relieve your pain and attempt to prevent future pain. Core exercises are extremely helpful in this regard. Yoga is another great way to strengthen and stabilize your back/abs.

    If you ever experience back pain of any type please visit your doctor. The above tips are merely a guideline and not intended to replace the advice and knowledge of a medical professional.

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