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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Advances in Paralysis Treatment

    Posted on February 27, 2015 by Core Products

    Earlier this year French scientists successfully tested an implant that allowed paralyzed rats to walk again. The hope is that this technology will eventually allow paralyzed humans to walk once more.

    The device is a thin ribbon containing electrodes that is planted directly on the spinal cord. The device, named e-Dura, delivers electric impulses enabling the rats to walk. It mimics the tissue near the spine so bodies won’t reject the ribbon and is soft enough that it doesn’t rub against the surface causing irritations like inflammation or scar tissue.

    The spinal implant is made of silicon and gold conductors allowing it to stretch and bend with the spine as it moves. As of right now it has been primarily used in rats for spinal cord injuries but some believe it could also

    This announcement follows last year’s news of a paralyzed man moving his hand after receiving a chip implanted on his brain. In that experiment the man was able to move his hand using only his thoughts and electrodes wrapped around his arm.

    Both of these technological breakthroughs are extremely promising for the future of spinal cord injury treatments. We’re excited for the future of this technology and what it means for the medical care industry.

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  • Stay Upright and use Proper Posture

    Posted on February 23, 2015 by Core Products

    Sitting in a chair all day is bad enough for your health as it is. Sitting in a chair while not practicing proper posture is even worse. It seems most people tend to slouch or lean to one side or another while staying seated over an extended period of time.

    There are three natural curves in your spine. Working to maintain these is important in preventing both back pain and headaches. When seated it’s important to sit tall and open up by stretching. If you’r ein front of a computer monitor try not to stay hunched in front of it for long periods of time.

    Posture is also important when standing. A few tips from the Mayo Clinic for preventing back pain with good posture while standing include:

    -        Keeping your shoulders back and relaxed
    -        Maintaining your feet about hip distance apart
    -        Balancing your weight evenly on both feet
    -        Pulling in your abdomen
    -        Letting your hands hang naturally

    Maintaining proper posture isn’t easy. Our Body Shield Posture Support is a great way to help you maintain good posture throughout the day whether you’re sitting, standing, or moving all around. This back support gently pulls your shoulders back and holds them in the proper position for correct spine alignment.

    The support is made from a unique material of open cell foam providing the same firm support and compression of neoprene without irritating skin or retaining heat. Maintaining proper posture is an excellent way to begin a journey of living a healthier life. It’s relatively easy to start and doesn’t require too much effort.

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  • Snacking Healthy

    Posted on February 20, 2015 by Core Products

    Snacking is great. It’s generally a hold over between one of the three main meals and can be anything you want, good or bad. What’s difficult, at times, is making the right snack choice. Oftentimes we find ourselves grabbing a few potato chips, candy, cookies, or other delicious baked goods.

    In an office setting candy seems to be the easiest way to participate in bad snacking behavior. All of that extra sugar is no good for people trying to watch their weight or even lose weight.

    Luckily for us there are healthy (and tasty!) alternatives.

    In a recent article about snacking healthy, the author comments that when she snacks healthy it looks as if she’s eating like a toddler. And honestly why wouldn’t it?

    Apple slices, bananas, cheese cubes, granola, popcorn – these are all things we ate as toddlers yet somewhere along the way many of us started giving them the cold shoulder.

    Snacking like this is not only healthy for you and your diet it’ll also leave you more energetic than eating sugary, processed foods. The apple sandwiches recipe mentioned in the article not only sounds delicious but it looks delicious, too.

    Now, there’s nothing wrong with spreading some Nutella on toast or indulging in a few savory treats from time to time. We earn these pleasures and have every right to have them within reason and on occasion.

    What do you like to eat for an afternoon snack? Does it look like a toddler’s plate?

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  • Save Time, Money, & Calories through Meal Planning

    Posted on February 16, 2015 by Core Products

    Pre-planning meals is a great life hack for anyone looking to save some time, money, and calorie intake.

    There are a few methods for meal planning. The basic idea is to buy groceries based on the specific meals you will eat that week and make all if not most of them in one shot. For those with a busy schedule every week it can be a serious time- and wallet-saver.

    For example, some people plan out everything for the week on a Saturday or Sunday, make a shopping list, go to the grocery store to buy only what’s on the list (harder than it sounds), and then cook, portion, and freeze their meals.

    However, what if you don’t have a few hours on the weekend to cook all of that food?

    Another option is to do what some call the Sunday & Wednesday Method. It’s basically the same as pre-planning meals for the week, except you’d make half of the food on Sunday for those first 3-4 days and the rest on Wednesday.

    When planning your ingredients list and what you’ll eat for the week, you can also consider implementing a meal chain with your pre-planning. Meal chain planning basically takes leftovers from one dish to create another one. For example, if you roast a whole chicken one night, you can use some of the leftover meat the next night for chicken pot pie, and then a third meal of chicken noodle soup by using the bones to make stock.

    Throughout the week simply reheat your meals when it’s time to eat. No worries or stress needed about what to eat for dinner or what you’re going to pack for lunch.

    A great aspect to all of this other than saving time, is that since you already have your meals made and ready to go you’re less likely to order delivery or dine out. You’re also more likely to eat healthier foods and healthier portions!

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  • What are the Benefits of Lumbar Support Cushions?

    Posted on February 10, 2015 by Core Products

    Do you spend the majority of your work day sitting at a desk? If your answer is yes you may also be experiencing some discomfort, and even back pain from sitting for an extended period of time. Healthcare professionals know that sitting too long creates pressure on the spine, distorting spinal curves and compressing discs. All of this can cause pinching of the nerves in the spinal cord, leading to numbness, tingling and serious back pain.

    Core Products has developed a number of lumbar support cushions that can help to provide support and comfort to all of you who are required to sit all day long.

    Check out the below Lumbar Support Cushions and product videos for more details!

    The Small Inflatable Lumbar cushion is a product designed to eliminate aches and pains. The small cushion is extremely durable, and utilizes a hand pump to increase the level of support desired. The item inflates from 1.5 to 3 inches and can deflate for traveling purposes. A belt that attaches to most chairs holds the cushion in the proper position.

    The Sitback Standard Lumbar Support cushion utilizes contour cut foam to provide support to the lower back. The unique shape of the cushion helps to protect and maintain proper spinal curve.

    The Standard/Deluxe Sitback Rest™ cushion is a very popular product that acts as a slightly wider back rest. The cushion is made from contoured foam with side support wings that provide medium to firm support to keep you sitting properly. This cushion is perfect for use at home, office or even in the comfort of your own car.

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  • Is Vitamin D Deficiency the Cause of your Winter Ailment?

    Posted on February 6, 2015 by Core Products

    For the majority of people, getting a little natural sunlight on a regular basis is sufficient enough for keeping their level of vitamin D in check. However, the short winter days with little-to-no sun can take a serious toll on people’s well-being as a result of the despairing intake of the “sunshine vitamin,” which is otherwise naturally produced by the body in response to contact with direct sunlight.

    Research has demonstrated how vitamin D boosts the immune system to fight against a long list of both physical and mental impairments, including depression, bone health, and now­—with recent findings from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s study­—a lower risk of colorectal cancer in patients1. While the study was able to provide sufficient evidence that vitamin D is able to interact with the immune system by activating T cells that identify and attack cancer cells, further research must be conducted to determine exactly how increasing an individual’s vitamin D intake and in turn immune functioning reduces the risk of colorectal cancer.

    Understanding the connection between seasonal conditions, your production of vitamin D, and the medical symptoms you’re experiencing is key to pinpointing whether the lack of sunlight may be the cause of your latest ailment. Since vitamin D boosts the immune system and bone health, the issues that could arise from a depleted source of the vitamin are vast and varied. A weakened, defenseless immune system and frailness in the bones and joints can lead to all sorts of health concerns and medical issues.

    The lack of vitamin D in your body may cause or worsen some health concerns including chronic pain, depression, erectile dysfunction, dementia, prostate cancer, heart disease, and schizophrenia2. Sprains, fractures, and bone pain may become more prevalent in the winter due to the weakening of bones caused by a deficiency.

    In addition to preventing various health and medical issues from occurring or deteriorating, ensuring a healthy intake of vitamin D also has its list of benefits­—from promoting bone and muscle growth, lowering high blood pressure, helping ease fibromyalgia pain, and slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis.

    Although the body naturally produces vitamin D with the presence of sunlight, it can also be absorbed into the bloodstream by taking the vitamin orally in pill form, as well as by incorporating enough vitamin D rich foods into your diet. If you have been experiencing some of the symptoms of deficiency since the onset of winter, talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for vitamin D, or you can purchase the vitamins over-the-counter at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

    1 http://www.activebeat.com/health-news/vitamin-d-could-help-in-fight-against-colon-cancer/

    2 http://www.everydayhealth.com/news/illnesses-linked-vitamin-d-deficiency/

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  • New Study Suggests Employees Need Flexible Work Schedules

    Posted on February 2, 2015 by Core Products

    Do your personal and professional commitments stand in the way of some shuteye? Don’t worry you’re not alone. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 30 percent of American adults get six or less hours of sleep a night.

    A recent study published this week in the journal Sleep Health explains that employers should “play an active role and ensure their workers are well rested.” For the study, researchers provided sleep hygiene education to employers over the course of three months. The companies enforced flexible schedule policies and 800 study participants filled out questionnaires about their sleep habits. Approximately 470 were allowed flexible work schedules. Adults need at least 7 to 8 hours each night. With more attention paid to sleep, companies can expect to see more productivity in the workplace and more likely to improve the company’s bottom line.

    We’ve rounded up five tips on how to get a better night’s sleep:

    1. Ban blue light in the bedroom. According to WebMD, short waves of blue light from a cell phone, PDA or digital clock can interfere with sleep.
    2. Avoid looking at your clock in the middle of the night.
    3. Cut back on the caffeine. A cup of Jo is fine in the morning but avoid coffee, chocolate and other drinks that contain caffeine.
    4. Avoid eating heavy foods late at night. Finish any snack at least an hour before bed.
    5. Invest in a support therapeutic water pillow if you suffer from spinal injuries. Core Products offers a Core Deluxe Water Filled Cervical Pillow, which cradles the head in a more comfortable and natural position. This also helps reduce headaches and snoring so you can rest comfortably.

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