Exercising at home can boost your mood while you get your sweat on!

By Brian Acton & Sarah Balke

Many of you are in a position where your favorite gym is temporarily closed and you still want to get your sweat on. Or, maybe you are like those of us who are trying to find a new love for exercise rather than indulging in comfort food and sugary beverages. Whether you are changing up your workout routine or starting a new one, you will certainly discover muscles you haven’t felt in a very long time!

Here are some tips to help you burn calories at home and help your sore muscles recover:

  1. Order Home Workout Gear
    Go online and order some basic gear for home workouts such as kettlebells or dumbbells for weightlifting, or a basic stationary bike for cardio. Make sure to include some accessories, such as a yoga mat and moist heat packs for warmups and stretching. Studies show that applying heat to the muscles before stretching improves elasticity of muscles and ligaments, extending range of motion. [1] [2]

Have a larger budget and some extra space? Now might be the right time to start building your home gym. Check out our blog on building your own home gym.

  1. Exercise Outdoors

Getting outside to take a walk, jog, or bike ride in your neighborhood is a great way to elevate your mood and help you feel more alive! This is a great way to save money versus a gym membership, but make sure to invest in a good pair of shoes. Your shoes can make a significant impact on the way you walk or run. The movement of your feet during each step affects how the rest of your body follows. No matter what outdoor activity you choose, make sure to abide by all expert guidelines before heading out.

  1. Do At-Home Workouts

Whether or not you have workout equipment, there is a huge variety of at-home workout videos and tutorials available online. There are free options on platforms like YouTube, and paid options like workout DVDs and apps. If you already have a gym membership, check to see if they are offering virtual workout classes for members.

Whether you want an intense cardio workout, bodyweight exercises, or something else entirely, there are online options for you. All you need is a screen, a video to play, and a space in your home to work out. If you’re not sure where to start, follow these YouTube accounts for some of the best workout videos.

  1. Home Maintenance and Cleaning

If you want to exercise and get things done around the house, home maintenance and cleaning offer opportunities to get moving. You can engage in light exercise like sweeping or more difficult tasks like rearranging your garage or landscaping your garden. Let’s face it, if you’ve got a lot of extra time at home, you might as well spend a little time improving it.

  1. Allow time for recovery

Changing your workout routine, increasing your daily activity, or starting a new home project will likely result in some immediate muscle soreness. Since you are working muscles in different ways, you may even have some delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This can occur 24-48 hours after activity, and it is perfectly normal.

Some of the best ways to combat immediate muscle soreness and DOMS are massage, cold therapy, and stretching. For massaging large areas, the Jeanie Rub Massager is a great way to ease muscle tension and help with muscle recovery following a workout. If you are looking for a tool to help with deep tissue massage or to work on a stubborn knot, the Omni Massage Roller should do the trick.

Working out is definitely worth the effort, especially if you are feeling stressed. Exercise can relieve stress, boost your mood and confidence levels, and help you maintain a healthy weight. What are you waiting for? Go get your sweat on!



1Jerrold Scott Petrofsky, Michael Laymon, Haneul Lee
Med Sci Monit. 2013; 19: 661–667. Published online 2013 Aug 12. doi: 10. 12659/MSM.889145

2LaBan, M., “Collagen Tissue: Implications of its Response to Stress in Vitro”, Archives of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation, 1962





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